Sunday, March 28, 2010

Skin79 Diamond Total BB Cream Review + Samples

This is the much awaited review of the skin79 Diamond BB cream in the dark pink bottle.
I first saw this online at the skin79 website. Since my friend, Lisa, was not impressed by the former "light pink" diamond collection, I thought nothing of buying it. However, while walking through a mall in Korea, I saw this on display at the skin79 counter, along with the rest of the collection. This collection was so beautiful that I couldn't drag myself away. I believe the whole collection contained three different kinds of BB creams, pressed powder, loose powder, twin cake, concealer, and blush. If I bought the entire collection, it would have been around $120. Frankly I was tempted, but recalled that I never cared for powder blush, concealer, or powder. I checked kimoko's reviews, and found that the BB cream that came in the bottle (not the tubes) was highly raved.
That afternoon, I bought this bottle. It contained powders of five precious stones, including diamond, which did not mean much to me. I love diamonds, and I take serious pleasure in wearing engagement ring consisting of diamonds and aquamarines, but it means nothing to me to wear diamond powder on my face.  To be honest, I was even afraid of the powder making the BB cream coarse, which would damage my skin. However, the BB cream is very creamy, and did not have beads, fragments, or anything of the like in it. 
The next day, I tried to put it on. I had some trouble at first, because I did not know that you were supposed to twist the head of the bottle before you could squeeze anything out. After I finally figured out how to open it, I spread a thin layer of BB cream on my face with my fingers. The result was a natural-matte finish. The coverage was sheer medium, since it covered some of my fading pimples, but did not cover the new ones. (I was getting pimples from my trial with the clarisonic, which turned out to be not so good. I'm sure it did not damage my skin, but.... well, I'll post a review soon :D)

My Quick Take:

Coverage: Sheer to medium. Very blendable, but not as layerable as some BB creams I've tried. What I mean is, you can pile on a pretty thick layer without caking, but the coverage would not increase dramatically (although it would increase some).  
Oil-control: I started oiling up around my nose after 7 hours without blotting or powder. However, the coverage and natural-matte finish lasted till I washed it off (11 hours after I put it on). 
Color: This has a sort of yellow undertone that would look quite flattering on most people, especially on photos. I feel it would be good for N15 to N35. 
Finish: No glowy look, just a very natural-matte finish as though I am wearing nothing. Very very natural. 
Special properties: Protecting, slightly moisturizing, evens skin tone, and good anti-aging properties. High SPF factor of 37, which I like. 
Overall: For a while, I was ready to acknowledge this as my HG since it is so pretty, and fit all of my criteria. However, I found that the healing properties are not as prominent as that of some other BB creams. The healing property is as good as all the other ones (VOV, Jadilla J) I've tried, but I've heard of more "miraculous" creams, so I'm still on a search for those.
Generally, however, this BB cream does shrink my pimples, and fade my pimple marks faster.

In a word, this BB cream is really good for mostly clear skin (or not inflated skin with whiteheads and blackheads) needing sheer medium coverage. It looks VERY natural, and GREAT in pictures!

5ml: $6 plus shipping (can be combined, and should be under $3)
email me for larger samples or the whole bottle

Monday, March 15, 2010

Going wild shopping in Korea!

Of course, this is not all my stuff. I CPed some of those for my lovely friends back home. :) I am still in Korea...more reviews coming up!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hey girls! I am still in Korea because of some messy business. However, my coworker is bringing back all the CPs for me, and they should arrive at your places by next Friday. :) I will probably stay for another two weeks, but I am busy testing (and I might add, buying) a lot of BB creams and lipsticks. I am also checking into quite a few liptints and lipstains. I've found that some work very well with my natural look, and lifestyle. I can apply stain twice a day and apply lip balms on top when I'm extra busy.
I got a clarisonic pro for $90 at a Korean promotion, yay!
BB creams I am loving:
1. Hanskin BB cream Super SPF 30

As many bloggers said, this one is pretty thick in texture and will give you full coverage if you are not careful with application. I don't like going full coverage even though I might have a few pimples lurking around due to the purge clarisonic is giving me. Hanskin clears them up very fast. I like to apply directly after skincare so that I can easily apply a thinner layer. I usually wait a few minutes between moisturizer and BB cream.
2. Skin79 Diamond Total BB cream SPF 37

When I looked into this BB cream, I was incredulous. It has most of the things I look for in a BB cream and sounded perfect. Plus, it has pretty good reviews. When I tried it, I was not disappointed, and for a while, I was ready to acknowledge this as a possible HG. Not to sound shallow, the packaging looks like a HG product. :)

This is just a sneek preview. Reviews will be coming up within two weeks, after I've thoroughly tested the products. Oh, and btw, I've also got half a dozen of other BB creams that are not bad either. :)
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