Saturday, April 17, 2010

Laneige BB Cream review

As many of you may know, Laneige recently introduced its first BB cream. While Laneige had multi-functioning creams for a long time that actually act like BB creams, this is still very exciting news for me. So early last Saturday morning, I got in line to buy this amazing product.
(Note: this information is not updated on the English Laneige website yet, however, you can see it in the Korean website:
The BB cream has an SPF of PA 41 ++, and claims whitening, smoothing, makeup base, and foundation properties. I was surprised that such a major brand like Laneige would come up with such a "basic" BB cream while even its multi-functioning cream had 5 functions!
However, my disappointment was gone as soon as I tried the BB cream. It looked wonderful on my skin, providing the promised brightening effect instantly. The effect it had on my skin was similar to that of Laniege snow crystal base +foundation combined. It's quite refreshing to see a BB cream that delivers all its promises.
The BB cream comes in two colors, #1 promises to give "shimmer" and a brightening effect. #2 promises to give a no makeup look. I am ashamed to say that in my excitement, I bought both colors. I was at first frightened at the #1 shimmer effect because I dislike shimmers. However, I found that it is just a very good brightening effect which gives a very glowy finish that I love. #2 really look very natural, gives no glow or matte finish. It is really as if I had nothing on my skin.

Coverage: same as any laneige foundation, light coverage buildable to medium coverage.
Finish: #2 gives a no makeup finish while #1 gives a glowy finish.
Oil Control: Like I said, it's really as if I applied laneige makeup base and foundation. It lasts for 7 hours without oiling up without powder. However, the light coverage seemed to disappear after 10 hours. 
General comments: For once, I don't know what to say about this BB cream. It delivers all its promises, but its promises are very minimal (I mean even hanskin had 8 promises..). The price is cheaper than Laneige's base and foundation, and delivers the same effects as if I applied both the base and foundation. However, it gives no more than that. 
Spreadability: Both are very spreadable, a cross between a liquid and a gel. It's a very creamy consistency that I love.

Verdict: I will use this on days I don't feel like applying both makeup base and foundation. I will use #2 when I meet family members who would prefer I wore no makeup, and will wear #1  for its brightening effect on days I am going out to dinner, etc. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hanskin Super Magic BB cream

So as promised, this is my review about the Hanskin Super Magic BB cream.
I always heard Hanskin is the first brand to make BB creams. I know this doesn't mean they are good at it, but it's still very tempting to try to "forefather" of BB creams. Also, if you google BB cream images, this tube is the first thing that comes up. Kimoko also mentioned that this BB cream has the best healing properties. I need no more reasons to convince myself to buy this particular tube.
My friend Julia says this is the little black dress of BB creams, something that's so classic that it will always be in. While I am sure this is not for everyone, I liked it very much.
I was shocked at the Hanskin counter when they told me the retail price was $36. My mouth hang open. That's almost the equivalent of a Chanel foundation. That day, I skipped dinner and bought this BB cream.
The tube claims 8 functions:
1. whitening
2. prevents/treats wrinkles
3. color correction
4. protecting and repair
5. provides nutrition for your skin
6. oil control
7. moisturizing
8. concealing

I am going to comment on each of the above claims and how well it does.
1. whitening: As I always say, by whitening, Korean brands usually mean evening your skintone, which basically means fading freckles and acne marks. The hanskin BB cream fades acne marks remarkably well. I had a few pimples after I first started using this product, and stayed clear ever since. Those pimples did not live any marks after they disappeared, something that hasn't happened to me for 3 years!

2. Prevents/treats wrinkles: this is essentially anti-aging. I can't really comment on that since luckily, I don't have wrinkles yet :)

3. Color correction: On the few occasional days when I have red spots on my skin as a reaction to overusing salycic acid, this BB cream covered the spots very well.

4. Protecting and repair: This got rid of a few bumps that were small acne. This has a SPF of 30, so I guess that's enough protection for most days. This also claims to be a protection against pollution.

5. Nutrition for the skin: once again, this is not something that's very visible. Even though my skin feels good when using the hanskin BB cream, i can't really say whether it's nutritional or not.

6. oil control: The oil control of this BB cream is remarkably good. Without powder, this lasts for 8 hours without oiling up at all, and oh, I never blots, so the oil control is really good.

7. Moisturizing. At first, I was like "what?", moisturizing and oil control at the same time? But this really does moisturize. Usually after using DHC cleansing oil and my cleanser, I have to apply moisturizer right away or I will feel tight. I am happy to say that my skin feels quite comfortable without moisturizing after removing this BB cream, but I still apply night cream as a precaution.

8. Concealing: the coverage of this BB cream is really good. It's certainly above medium if you put on a normal amount. I put on a very sheer layer, and this is enough coverage for me.

So as you can see, I really like this BB cream. I still haven't decided if I love this yet, but so far, this is the BEST I've ever tried.
The only fault is that as many other bloggers said, this is harder to spread than most BB creams but it is not very thick. I try to apply this directly after moisturizer.


$8 for a 5ml jar plus $2 shipping. Sorry this is so much, but I bought this BB cream at $36 for 30ml, and the sample jars and shipping supplies are costly.
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