Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hey girls! I am still in Korea because of some messy business. However, my coworker is bringing back all the CPs for me, and they should arrive at your places by next Friday. :) I will probably stay for another two weeks, but I am busy testing (and I might add, buying) a lot of BB creams and lipsticks. I am also checking into quite a few liptints and lipstains. I've found that some work very well with my natural look, and lifestyle. I can apply stain twice a day and apply lip balms on top when I'm extra busy.
I got a clarisonic pro for $90 at a Korean promotion, yay!
BB creams I am loving:
1. Hanskin BB cream Super SPF 30

As many bloggers said, this one is pretty thick in texture and will give you full coverage if you are not careful with application. I don't like going full coverage even though I might have a few pimples lurking around due to the purge clarisonic is giving me. Hanskin clears them up very fast. I like to apply directly after skincare so that I can easily apply a thinner layer. I usually wait a few minutes between moisturizer and BB cream.
2. Skin79 Diamond Total BB cream SPF 37

When I looked into this BB cream, I was incredulous. It has most of the things I look for in a BB cream and sounded perfect. Plus, it has pretty good reviews. When I tried it, I was not disappointed, and for a while, I was ready to acknowledge this as a possible HG. Not to sound shallow, the packaging looks like a HG product. :)

This is just a sneek preview. Reviews will be coming up within two weeks, after I've thoroughly tested the products. Oh, and btw, I've also got half a dozen of other BB creams that are not bad either. :)


  1. The skin79 diamond sounds promising - can you post a longer review in the future? Please share all the other goodies you find too!
    x Amanda

  2. I really want to see the review for the Skin79 BB cream here. I am considering getting this one vs this one also from SKin79.

    I have very clog pore skin and both of these say they will not clog pores...I am also wanting a BB cream that is high SPF and anti-wrinkles. Both of these sound good but the Total is a bit more pricey but with more SPF. Ah, I can't choose! :P

  3. Hey, sorry for replying late. Thanks for reading my blog. :)
    Skinsavers: I will write a review ASAP :)

    Angel: I couldn't see the ebay item because it has been removed, but this BB cream has not clogged my pores when I removed it properly. The safest way to remove is with an oil cleanser. :)


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