Friday, January 29, 2010

The reason and terms of this blog

I had my first try of BB cream two years ago. I was traveling, so I wanted to bring with me something that will be easy and fast to apply in the morning. BB cream fit the criteria very well since it can cover for both primer, and foundation, plus skincare. Although I found BB cream is not moisturizing enough to substitute for moisturizer, my tube did provide enough moisture so that I did not need to carry a bottle of moisturizer since I was only traveling for 10 days. I expected to find my skin not as good as it was before the travel, since I had followed a rigid and complicated skincare regime for several years. However, to my surprise, not only was my skin not wrecked, some acne scars actually faded, and I had no breakouts that 10 days even though it was my time of the month. As I researched more about BB cream, I found that it is also better for the skin than foundation. So I continued using my tube of VOV whitening BB cream for several months. I was happy with the results, but a friend who had apparently found her HG (holy grail) BB cream told me that a HG should do much more for me in terms of how long it lasts and the benefits. She explained to me that her BB cream actually lasts 10 hours a day on her, looks very natural even though it offers medium coverage, and give that very healthy radiant finish on her skin. Her HG is Jadilla J Whitening, so I tried it.

My experience with Jadilla J proved the age old adage that what works for others may not work for me. For one thing, my friend was older so needed more anti-aging properties and she also had dry spots on her skin. However, after seeing how well her HG BB cream works for her, I am determined to find my own HG even if it means I will have to purchase 50% of the BB creams out there. I am sure that in my quest, I will find many BB creams that are good, but do not work for me. To minimize my costs and help some people in the process, I will sell samples of the BB creams I tried at low costs. I will put the samples in 5ml jars that can be purchased on ebay. Before using each jar, I will wash and sanitize them with alcohol even though they are new. I will also use a foundation brush when testing each tube of BB cream and since BB creams come in tubes rather than jars, it is very hygienic. I do not have any skin conditions, except an occasional pimple, which really only happens once a month or so.

If you prefer not to purchase samples, that is fine. I just hope that you will find my reviews of the BB creams I am going to try somewhat helpful. For references, I am NW20 with combination skin.
Oh, and my work takes me to Korea at least once every two months, so if you already know which BB creams you like (lucky you) and do not need sampling, I can also sell genuine full-sized BB creams to you at low costs (most of the time lower than ebay). I can also CP other Korean cosmetics for you! 

Price: Each BB cream obviously costs differently, so I cannot tell you the price now, but you can be assured that I will not sell you the samples at highly escalated prices. You can decide how much you want to sample. I offer 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 25ml, 30ml...up to full size.
I will also give discounts if you want to buy more samples. The standard discount is 5% off if you buy more than 3 samples, 10% off if you buy more than 8 samples, and 15% off if you buy more than 12 samples (within the same purchase). However, if you buy much more or have special circumstances, I can be sensitive and give you a bigger discount.

Shipping: I will charge you the exact shipping price I will pay. I live in Boston, MA, US. So if you live within US, and require only normal shipping, the cost will probably be rather cheap. For example, if you live on the main US territory, I am guessing the shipping cost of one 5ml jar will be around $1.6. You can dictate the shipping service and I will charge you accordingly. Obviously, if you want to buy more, I can combine shipping and save you some money.
I will usually ship within 2 business days, except on times when I'm on business to Korea. I will post a notice when I am going to Korea, so that you can tell me if you want me to bring something back.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

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