Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jadilla J Whitening BB cream review + samples

So my quick take is:

Coverage: Sheer to medium, safe texture as the VOV castledew one. The coverage is buildable up to a little more than medium.
Oil-control: 10 hours without powder. Since I don't like powder, and I think 10 hours is enough, I haven't tried it with powder yet.
Color: conservatively, would suit NC/NW 15 (or fairer) to NC/NW 35 skins. It looks a little darker than the VOV Castledew BB cream, but upon application, I can't see the difference.
Finish: believable glow
Special properties: slightly moisturizing, whitening, evens skin-tone slight anti-aging, SPF 30
Overall: Very similar to the VOV castledew BB cream except for the higher SPF. I think sensitive skins should stick with the VOV Castledew BB cream. I did not react to the Jadilla J BB cream, but the VOV BB cream contains jojoba oil, whereas this one contains sweet almond oil. Jojoba oil is supposed to be less possible to clog pores. On a scale from 0-5 of which oils are more likely to clog pores, jojoba oil rates a 0, while sweet almond oil rates a 2.

5ml--$4 + shipping (should be below $2 within US)
Please email me about larger sizes.

Review: So this is the Jadilla J Whitening BB plus with SPF 30, which is my friend Julia's HG, who introduce me to BB creams. It claims:
1. Super Sun protection, since it has SPF 30, with PA ++, which I suppose is sufficient for most of my days, since I spend most of my time in the office, and only go out for lunch, it should be enough for me.
2. Super Skincare, since it claims to contain superior moisture, sweet almond oil, and soothing ingredients aloe vera. Both are favorites of mine, since sweet almond oil evens skin tone, while I just love aloe vera for the moisturized, yet not sticky feeling upon application. The BB cream also contains Arbutin, which should be quite safe since it passed the Korean FDA regulations, and the Koreans seem to be even stricter on cosmetics than us.
3. Super Whitening. I noticed that "whitening" in BB creams is not so much lightening the skin tone as lightening spots, which will allow more even skin tone, although I imagine that with continue use, it might lighten the entire skin tone slightly, but I would not count on it, since Koreans use toner, moisturizer, serum and night creams for whitening, and sometimes even cleanser. Those skincare products contain much more effective whitening ingredients, so I think since no one counts on BB creams for "whitening" anyway, it would not contain very effective ingredients in that regards.
(Just a side note, Koreans use BB cream because 1. foundation is supposed to be damaging in the long run, while BB cream is supposed to be good for your skin. 2. it gives a much more natural look than foundation, which is why many BB creams give a glowy rather than matte finish; However, it also provides quite good coverage. 3. It is good for sensitive and blemish prone skin since it claim to calm the skin and not irritate it, hence the name blemish balm. 4. It evens the marks left by acnes, and freckles. This is a property I have witnessed first hand.)
4. Super Makeup: This BB cream can act as primer+foundation+concealer, if you don't need anything too heavy.

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