Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Coming up reviews + samples

1. Mamonde BB Cream
2. Jadilla J Original BB Cream--my lovely friend Julia recommended trying this :)
3. Jadilla J SkinGuard BB Plus according to the reviews, and my coworkers, this will be way too dark for me
4. VOV Anti-Trouble BB Cream already tried, and no likee, please refer to my post for the full review
5. Missha M Original BB Cream
I'm not buying this anymore because it does not have SPF, and Julia (&many other bloggers) tell me that it is pretty much a cheaper version of Missha Vita, which I plan to get. However, if there are enough requests for samples, I will get it just for you guys! Or if anyone want me to CP it, email me. :)
6. Missha M Vita BB Cream
7. Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream
8. Missha Shiny BB Cream
9. Missha Watery BB Cream
10. Hanskin Super Magic BB cream
this BB cream comes highly recommended, as it seem to have visible healing properties. Also, a coworker in Korea says this is the most popular!
11. some skin79 stuff
I got mixed reviews about this, so I'll test it at the counter before buying it. However, as always, if there are enough requests for samples or you want me to CP it, it's no problem.
so far, I am interested in:
Diamond Total SPF 37 PA++
Intense Classic the premium SPF30 PA++

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