Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Essentials Haul"

Hi, girls, I am sorry that I haven't been posting for a long time. This has been a busy time for me, since I was closing the deal with one of my clients. After the deal was done, I took off to California for vacation for a week with my beloved fiance. :) I had a gorgeous time. While in Korea closing the deal, I got a few makeup items. :)
Those products are not new to me, as they are my "essential" makeup items, and I am just replenishing my used up stash. :) However, I was still excited to get them at the laneige counter! They looked so pretty in their packaging. I will briefly introduce my long time makeup favorites!
Upper left corner: Laneige Foaming Wash
This is a really basic wash that foams up really well. You only need 1cm of it to cover your entire face. I like to use this in the mornings, rotating with my clean and clear continous control acne wash. This cleanser makes my face really clean and glowy, but I can see it stripping some people of their oils if they have drier skin. 
Lower left corner: Laneige Multi Cleanser
This is really similar to Laneige Foaming Wash, except that I use it at night to remove my facial makeup. It has tiny beads in it to slightly exfoliate, but the beads are very gentle, and dissolves as the cleanser foams up. This also gets rid of some point makeup, such as eyeshadow, and mascara smudges. I've never tried it with mascara, since I mostly use fiberwig, which removes with warm water. Close your eyes while using this cleanser, because if it foams into your eyes, it will sting. 
Upper right corner: VOV green tea no remover eyeliner
This is my new favorite eyeliner. It is a liquid eyeliner that I use to tightline. It is similar to fiberwig in that it is a "tubing" eyeliner. It does not smudge all day, and removes with warm water, coming off in bits and pieces. This is not from Laneige, but from VOV, who makes a lot of good and relatively cheap point makeup. 
Lower right corner: Laneige White Plus Renew Foundation
I have reviewed this before along with the base. 
Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Base
Please see
Laneige White Plus Renew Powder
This is a powder pact, and quite multi-functional. When I'm lazy, I just use the puff to wipe powder on my face. The coverage is quite good used that way. However, usually, I just take a powder brush and swipe it across my face after foundation when I remember. It is really very sheer, and I like to think it invisibly sets the makeup.

I bought the other items for a few of my good friends and readers. :) They are laneige professional eyeshadows, etude house stippling brush, and a few masks I got in Korea. 

While in California, I couldn't resist raiding sephora for those items:

NARS Desire Blush: This needs no introduction since it has cult status. Very pigmented and long lasting. Lovely color, but turns rosy on me as opposed to the bright pink in the pan.

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink: I am trying to wear this whenever I don't do foundation. This is quite good, but I am not quite familiar with blush yet, so I don't apply it very well. :P

Dior Addict High Shine Lip Stick: Very sheer and shiny lipstick in a gorgeous packaging. It is more like a nonsticky lip gloss in a tube. It is very moisturizing.

Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick in My Treat: Medium coverage and shiny lipstick. Slightly moisturizing. Melts into my lips after an hour of use, leaving a lovely stain.

Fiberwig: My favorite mascara

Stilla Topaz eyeliner: This was recommended to me by a friend. It was supposed to be used on the waterline to brighten up your eyes, but it does not really show up on me.

Sephora Foundation Brush; Sephora Air Brush; Sephora Blush Brush, Sephora Powder Brush

P.S. I got an email from an anonymous reader of this blog, accusing me of "scamming" people by selling BB cream samples at high prices. I am sorry if anyone feels this way. I was only trying to help by selling BB cream samples so that you can try out a BB cream without committing to a full tube like I have to, and I try to sell them so that I do not really lose money or profit over them. However, please do not feel any pressure to buy my BB cream samples. I am writing this blog as a hobby. I enjoy writing it, or helping my readers if they have any questions, and I hope you enjoy reading it as well. 
From now on, I will not list the price at the bottom of each BB cream review. If anyone wants any samples, please email me or leave a message on my blog. :) 

Sorry for rambling on! 


  1. Being able to travel to Korea regularly must be really awesome :]

    Great haul! I'm trying to save up for the laneige foundation and powder. My last laneige purchase really broke my wallet! xD

  2. Hi mandy :) Thanks. I know the laneige foundation and powder really break the bank, but I think they are totally worth it! However, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, mamonde's 10 hour foundation and powders are wonderful as well, and very similar for me. I used them for several years. However, I switched to laneige skincare once I got older, and I wanted to match my foundation and powder to skincare. :D


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