Friday, July 16, 2010

Benefit Silky Finish My Treat lipstick, aka the perfect lipstick

Lately, I have not touched my huge stash of lip colors except to access one product--benefit my treat lipstick. The lipstick is a perfect warm-toned pink color with a hint of coral that is almost the color of my lips when I bite them really hard. 
I usually favor cool-toned pink lipsticks (and blushes) and can't tolerate anything with the tiniest hint of peach or coral in it. This is because I learnt at an early age (say 12?) that you usually wear best the colors that you are most attracted to, be it clothing or makeup (but you have to use a certain restrain with makeup, e.g. I love aqua colored dresses, but I don't wear aqua colored blushes or lippies). I never understood the logic behind this, but apparently your mind works very efficiently to determine what colors would look good on you, and you instinctively like those colors. 
Anyway, while browsing sephora, I passed right over this lip product because I wasn't attracted to the color. I only saw how perfect the color was while my mother tried it on (and then promptly hated it because it was too bright). I tried it on because it looked pink on my mother (rather than the orangish color it looked in the tube) and I wear bright colors well. It turned out to be perfect. Only later did I realize that at sephora, some people try on lip colors directly from the tube, and then without wiping, tries on another color, therefore mixing the two colors....

I have not tried other silky finish lipsticks, but this lipstick is moisturizing, and gives medium coverage in terms of color. When first applied, the color looks rather glossy on my lips, but the product sinks in within an hour, leaving a beautiful stain like color behind, which I prefer (because it's so natural). I especially love the pair this color with red dresses, because they match very well. (Why? I don't know, maybe because it has a slight coral undertone in it that matches the warm color of red?)

If I were to rate this, I'd give it a five. 

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  1. This is also my favorite lipstick! I'm currently on the hunt for a good dupe since they no longer make it, sad face. Great blog too!


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