Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Arcona lineup introduction and brief review

I have mentioned in a prior post that I have not been using much makeup or trying lots of Korean skincare items, because I have been trying a new skincare line my Korean derm found for me that requires exclusivity. I have received a lot of curious questions from readers about this mysterious skincare line, and even a few concerned advices that tells me exclusivity is merely a marketing ploy. I kept delving the questions, not wanting to reveal what the line I am trying is. Well, today I'm going to tell you what I am using and my thoughts so far (having gone into the program for around a month now).

The name of the brand is called Arcona, and it was opened up by a rather exceptional esthetician in California. The brand is 100% organic and all natural, which is probably what attracted my Korean dermatologist to this brand because he LOVES natural skincare, even though he believes that most "natural" skincare on the market today is marketing bogus.
the concept of the brand is to contain a lot of active ingredients so that they can address skin issues most effectively, and not using a lot of "filler" ingredients. As a result, their moisturizers generally look like serums. I really like this concept because I hate cosmetics companies' use of "filler" ingredients. They are usually the ones that cause me most trouble. They cause my skincare products to not absorb properly, sit on the top of my skin, and cause oilyness, while all the time, I am deriving no benefits from those "filler" ingredients. The only time I like "filler" ingredients is when they appear selectively in my night cream, so that they can seal in the moisture and nutrients the night cream is supposed to contain.
I asked my SO to buy me their Basic 5 Kit for Oily skin from Nordstrom for me (so I made the purchase myself and I am not paid for the review). I really liked the lightness of all the skincare products, but my skin had a reaction to it for the first week or so. The reaction (a surge of pimples) did not irritate me a lot since I expected it. After all, I was going from a skincare line with only a small amount of active ingredients to a skincare line full of active ingredients. I expected that it would take a while for my skin to get used to it, and I would probably get a reaction out of it. However, the reaction still bothered me because I kept wondering whether this would just be an initial reaction that would calm down, or whether my skin is just incompatible with those ingredients. Luckily, my skin started calming down by the 2nd/3rd week.
Unfortunately, I am still carrying red acne marks from the surge of pimples I had in the first week. (my red marks from acne used to clear up within 3 days, but now they stick around for a while due to this. However, I have noticed my acne marks fading so much faster now because of all the antioxidants that I am using on my face.
I will review the products in another month, after I have used the products for a longer time, and know more about them. :)


  1. Hi Cathy! So do you think Arcona is better than the other skincare products you used such as Laneige and Mamonde?

    And have you heard of NU Skin? My friend used it for a while and it helped her quite a bit, but I'm a bit skeptical that it'll work on me...

    My gosh. This is the fourth time I'm trying to post this. I REALLY hope it posts.

  2. Hi Sarah, I am sorry my blog interface is giving you trouble and for my late reply. I have found that Arcona works for the most part, but there are some flaws. I have heard of Nu skincare and I am tempted to try it, but I haven't yet. :)
    I'll review the Arcona lineup very soon.

  3. Thank you! I'm tempted to try Nu Skin too but I'm a bit worried about it being a scam ...ish. it's not your fault that I accidentally clicked the wrong button. Hahahha

  4. i use arcona and it produces great results on my skin. i try to rotate out of it but find myself using more and more of arcona's products. i am curious to hear what you have to say in a month! i am chinese...so asian skin.

  5. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,

  6. Thanks for your time in posting all that information! I will definitely put this to good use.


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