Tuesday, February 2, 2010

VOV Castledew eyeshadow review

I did a huge haul recently of VOV castledew stuff, not because there was a sale going on, but because I just cannot resist the princessy packaging :)

The packaging actually looks more cute than it does in the picture. I am still waiting to get my new camera, so just bear with the poor quality pictures my three year old camera takes. As you can see, the packaging is mostly shiny metallic finish, with crystal like glass fringes surrounding it reflecting the light.
This is the inside. It comes with a huge mirror and two applicators. The colors are baked, which I vastly prefer over pressed eyeshadow (the type that is dominantly sold in the U.S.). Baked eyeshadow gives more control during application. If I want a sheer coat, I can just swipe my brush across it, but it is very layerable to a full coverage finish. Baked eyeshadow also tend to last longer on my oily lids without creasing than pressed shadows.

I love the colors. As you can see, it is designed such that the three colors lined vertically make good color trios, but I can mix and match as I wish, of course. I really like the brown color in the corner. It is a very good eyebrow color in a pinch, and lasts all day. Unlike most eyebrow colors I tried, this one does not have a reddish undertone, and when applied lightly, actually looks very natural. I think the color is very similar to the anastasia brow duo in medium ash.

Overall I really like it. I have only used all the colors 2x, and the brown color 5x. Since I've been getting into nude makeup (really natural makeup that enhances but is kind of invisible), so if anyone wants it, I can sell it for $10. 

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  1. e.girltastic@gmail.comMarch 24, 2011 at 7:30 AM

    HI! (:

    Is it still on sale?


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