Sunday, August 22, 2010

VOV Goodbye Eyepender Green Tea Eyeliner Review--a tubing eyeliner!

I discovered this gem of an eyeliner during my second trip in Korea. VOV just started producing this line of green tea eyeliners, and I was intrigued by the green color of the packaging, which I love. I couldn't stop myself from grabbing one, since VOV is known for its affordable price (usually drugstore price) without compromising quality. For those who do not know about VOV, VOV is a Korean brand I love. I find that it has many great color makeup items. While it also has a lot of facial makeup items (e.g. foundation, primer, skincare, and its BB cream is quite good), I was more intrigued by its color collection. Since I've discovered VOV, I've forsaken MAC items, because I found the quality of VOV better. Even though they do not have as many colors as MAC, they mostly develop more "wearable" colors, so I do not mind. Sometimes when I was able to find them on sale, its eyeshadow and lip products are around 3.5 dollars, and has such great quality that I sometimes wear their lip gloss instead of my pricey Dior and Chanel lip glosses. The only downside is that there is no return policy, which I find somewhat essential for most color products, but then, Korea is like that.

So enough about VOV. Let's talk about the eyeliner! Every time I go to Korea, I usually get more than 7 CP requests for it because people who started using it are usually hooked! 

What is special about it? If you have tried tubing mascara like Fiberwig or L'Oreal Beauty Tubes, you know how convenient they are. They goes on like regular mascara, but never smudges. It also stays mostly waterproof throughout the day, unless you go swimming in warm water. At night, when you step into the shower, you can gently slide it off in tubes with warm water. The really cool thing is that it really only removes with warm water when you slide it off. Usually, just warm water wouldn't be able to remove it (you have to slide it off with your fingers), unless there's an abundant amount of warm water. This is also what I really love about it, because I'm a crybaby. My tears are warm, but if I don't rub my eyes, it will stay on.

Guess what? This eyeliner has the same technology. It goes on like a regular liquid eyeliner, albeit with a more gel like consistency, which I neither hate or love. It stays on during the day, with zero smudging, which is a huge problem with me. (I can never wear smudged eyeliner because within three hours, it will travel around my eyes, causing panda like eyes.) But it removes with warm water at night. Even better, it just goes off with no rubbing. 

What do I love about it? Well, I love that I can finally wear eyeliner, even on the waterline! Pencil eyeliner never lasts on me without smudging, so I usually have to resort to liquid eyeliner. However, I don't like to use waterproof liquid eyeliner, because it's really a hassle to remove, and I hate to use eye makeup remover. So if I get up early in the morning, my eyes would be teary, and the liquid eyeliner would melt with the water, making it seem as if I'm running black tears.... I used to hate it when during an early morning class, the whole class turns to stare at me when I would speak in amazement, because I had black tears!

How do I use it? You can use it as you would use a regular liquid eyeliner, but I especially love it for tightlining, since for me, my tightliner rarely stays on with other mascara. I use look up and apply to the base of my eyelashes after I'm done with mascara. 

In case you are wondering, eyepender is a licensed line of item of VOV. It's a mispelling. It was supposed to be eye panda. So together "Goodbye Eyepender" means goodbye to panda eyes! This line of item also has a mascara, and two different liners, one in marker form, and one in a felt tip pen form. Since I'm quite familiar with liquid eyeliner, I chose this one, but if you are not so used to it, the marker or felt tip ones may be easier to apply!


  1. Hi Cathy,
    this looks amazing - my eye makeup always smudges no matter what. Do you think this would be available in Japan? I know some Korean brands are and I would love to get my hands on this!

  2. Hi, Elizabeth, sorry for the late reply! I'm not sure if it would be available in Japan because VOV is not really that famous outside of Korea, but I can gladly CP this for you.


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