Friday, December 31, 2010

Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Pack Review

This is a review for the Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Pack, which I liked to use after the Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peel. I don't know if the two products work better together, but it has been suggested by the SA every time I bought this product, and I like to use them together because I like to indulge myself in the lovely strawberry scent. The two product combos were my staple for more than 2 years. Like I mentioned before, I have since stopped using the Strawberry Yogurt Peel, and I have also stopped using the Laneige Strawberry Pack with it. However, I continued using the concept of the Strawberry Yogurt Pack because I loved it, only a cheaper and "healthier" version. Hehe, my Korean derm have helped me develop a homemade recipe for this strawberry yogurt pack, with different variations for different skin types, and I wish to share it with you in my next article. This article will be a review of the Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Pack.

This Strawberry Yogurt Pack has a very pleasant smooth gel consistency, just like a typical American yogurt, but with strawberry seeds. :) The smell is lovely like a strawberry milk shake. I like to store it in the fridge so that when I apply it, it has a cooling feeling, and also prolongs the shelf-life of this product, which is said to be prone to expiration.

1. Very cooling and soothing after application.
2. Moisturization: this strawberry yogurt pack moisturizes rather well, perhaps not so much as my favorite night cream, but enough to not feel dry after using the Strawberry Yogurt Peel (which I would feel otherwise). 
3. Soft and dewy skin: used with the Strawberry Yogurt Peel, I get very smooth and soft skin after use. I realize that the smooth skin is from exfoliation, but after using this pack, I feel my skin is very dewy and elastic. Like if I press my finger on my cheek (which I shouldn't do :)), I can almost see the skin spring right back after I remove my finger. 
4. Very good consistency: not thick enough to feel suffocating and not thin enough to feel runny. 
5. Prevents acne: yogurt has good bacteria in it, and strawberry has salicylic acid in it, both of which are good for acne-prone skin. I've found that even though using this weekly does not neccessarily prevent a lot of breakouts as to be noticeable, but it does help any acne I may have at that moment go away faster. Very good for a gentle treatment.

1. Sensitivity issue: I've known a lot of people who have very sensitive skin report that they are a little allergic to this product, or that this product does not do much. I think this may be due to the scent of the product, which may irritate some people when left on the face for a long time (20 minutes is suggested). 
2. Fast expiration: This product seems to have a fast expiration process because it is recommended to be stored in the fridge in the summer. To me, this is a good thing because quite a lot of preservatives would have to be put into a product like this to keep it from expiring soon. 

General Comment: 
I thought I should mention how I use this product. I know quite a lot of people who wipe this product off with a tissue after 20 minutes and not rinse off. However, I rinse off, and then apply my toner and moisturizer as usual. I think doing this prevents me from becoming overly allergic to the scent and preservatives in the product. And I would advise people with sensitive skin who haven't had much luck with this product to try doing this. :) I honestly think that any nutrients the skin could absorb should have been mostly absorbed within the 20 minutes. 

Overall: Really great skin mask that I used once a week for two years. I still use a home-made version of this product, and it works great! :) 

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