Thursday, December 30, 2010

Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peel Review

I don't know how I could have forgot to review this gem until a reader asked me if I had tried it. The Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peel is a chemical peeling exfoliator that takes off the top layer of your skin with chemical enzymes, most of which were claimed to be fruit enzymes. Thus it is supposed to exfoliate your skin very gently, much more gently than physical scrubs and chemical peels (which usually gives a burning sensation, which this does not).
However, despite my love for this product, I actually no longer use it, and have replaced my exfoliator with the Cure Aqua Natural Gel. In this article, I will review this product and explain I have switched. :)

When you gently squeeze the tube, a creamy pinkish gel come out, with some beads resembling strawberry seeds. It smells wonderfully like a strawberry milk shake. I only need a pea sized amount to exfoliate, so one tube lasts a long time. I apply this gel evenly on my face, and starts gently rubbing/drawing circles on my skin until the gel turns into little bits on my fingers and face. Sometimes, I like to wait 30 seconds or so after application before rubbing, because it seems that this allows more time for reaction, and more skin is exfoliated. I get a childish pleasure out of watching the gel turn into little bits on my palm and face. :)

1. Very lovely smell: my friend says that the smell just makes her so happy, and I have to agree that the smell is very lovely, not irritating like some products :)
2. Very gentle exfoliation: the gentlest type of exfoliants
3. Slightly moisturizing and soothing
4. Does not over-exfoliate. Fruit enzymes are pretty mild as far as chemical exfoliants go, so this product generally insures that only the skin cells that should come off will come off
5. Leaves my skin feeling very soft

1. Some of the balls you see on your skin and face are not actually skin cells that came off: I'm sometimes skeptical, and tried rubbing this product on a piece of unused leather. To my amazement, some of the gel still balled up looking like it was skin. I think this is because the gel is so thick. However, much less gel balls up than when I exfoliated my skin, and there was a runny liquid on the piece of leather, which led me to believe that this peeling gel does actually exfoliate skin. :) 
2. Exfoliation power is not very high, so it is not useful if you are deliberately trying to over-exfoliate to deal with stubborn acne, etc. In that case, AHA peels would be much more appropriate. 

Overall: A great exfoliator that is very gentle on skin.

Why I switched from this to Cure Aqua Natural Gel:
The Cure Aqua Natural Gel is much more "natural" and contains less chemicals. In a sense, the Cure Aqua Natural Gel is a "no-frills" version of this exfoliator, without the lovely scent or the slightly moisturizing properties. However, I get greater satisfaction from the Cure Aqua Natural Gel because the gel turns into a very thin liquid upon exfoliating, and I can actually see balls of skin of my hands and face, rather than balls of gel containing some of my skin-cells. 
In addition, with the Cure Aqua Natural Gel, I know that nothing comes off if there is nothing left on my skin to exfoliate. :) 


  1. I got a sample to try this after reading your review (I was unable to find the CURE one to try in stores sadly...). I really enjoyed using this products and my skin was sooo smooth afterwards! But when I returned to buy the full size one, the SA told me that it is being discontinued! They said that it is being replaced by the Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel. Which is similar except it is applied on wet skin. Have you tried it yet? I'm curious to see what your thoughts on the multiberry peeling gel and how it compares with the CURE one. I hope you do a review of it soon! =D

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