Monday, January 17, 2011

Biore UV Daily Care Gel SPF 28 PA+++

I know winter is generally not the time when people buy a lot of sunscreens, but being a anti-aging junkie, I love sunscreen and use it any time of the year. After loving the Sofina Perfect UV White Protect Sunscreen, I decided to try out some Biore sunscreens. Why? Because Sofina is owned by Kao, and so is Biore, and I thought that the formulations would be pretty similar so that maybe the Biore sunscreens would just be a drugstore version of the Sofina Perfect UV range. Also, I found Biore sunscreens to get high ratings on so I thought I'd try some out.
There are five sunscreens in this range, and I decided to try out the one in the green bottle, because this one is relatively cheap at around $15 for 120 ml, perfect for everyday use on my body. And also because the bottle is green and I like the color green. :)
Well, did I like it and was it as good as the Sofina range? Please read on to find out.

1. Moisture: This is amazing for a sunscreen but it moisturizes very well for my body. Granted, my body doesn't need a lot of moisture, but the skin does feel hydrated when I use this sunscreen.
2. Texture: I like the texture of the sunscreen. It really is a very light gel like texture, very dissimilar to the Perfect UV, which is like a milk. This is very easy to spread on my body, and dries very quickly so that my arms and legs do not feel greasy or sticky. 
3. Lightness: As I mentioned before, I do not feel as if I have anything on when wearing this.
4. Good sun protection: SPF 28 PA+++ is not too much or too little. The perfect SPF protection for body on most days. 

1. Water Resistant: This is NOT water resistant, which would be okay for most days, but for especially hot and sweaty summer days or day when you want to go for a swim, this is not the sunscreen. 
2. No oil control: Okay, I don't really need oil control on my body, but I know several friends who do. So the lack of oil control does not bother me at all, but it might be a problem for some people. 

Overall: Great sunscreen to use on my body for most days, except for days when I expect to get sweaty or wet. 


  1. Hi Cathy, great post, I have been curious about this SS for a while. Could you post the active ingredients in it? Would so much appreciate:)

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