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Tubing Mascara Review 5: Blinc Kiss me Mascara

The Blinc Kiss me Mascara is often said to be the original tubing mascara because blinc invented tubing technology. This mascara has also been said to be one of the formerly best selling mascara in Japan until Fiberwig came out. I don't know if either of those stories are true, but I do know that this is a great mascara for a lot of people (myself not included). In this article, I will give a detailed review of this mascara.

1. Smudging: This is by far the most important aspect of all mascaras to me, because before tubing mascaras, all mascaras smudged on me. Before, it was not a matter of whether it smudges, but how much or when it smudges. Compared to regular mascaras, this mascara can said to have no smudging, and also holds up rather well even compared to other tubing mascaras. So an 9.5 in terms of smudging. 
2. How long does it last on my lashes: This mascara lasts a long time on my lashes. I usually do not see smudging by the end of the day. So a in terms of how long it lasts. 
3. Flaking:  I eventually learnt that flaking seems to be the biggest foul of tubing mascara. It seems that since they come off in tubes, they can't smudge, but some times the tubes breaks, etc. which makes tubing mascaras flake a lot. This mascara ranks average in terms of flaking. There are some flakes when I rub my eyes (which I try not to do because it damages the thin skin) or if I blink a lot. Otherwise, it probably generates a flake every hour or two hours, probably leaning towards two hours.  So this gets an 7 in terms of flakes on me.
4. Color and longevity of the tube: Isn't it weird that I put those criteria together since they are not so much related? But I don't know about you, but I don't care that much about either the color or longevity of the mascaras I buy, which is why I thought I'd give each of those 5 points instead of 10. In terms of color, this gets the perfect 5, since it is jet black on me, with a 1 bonus point because this comes in a large range of colors (six, I believe, black, dark brown, light brown, dark green, dark blue, and dark purple). In terms of longevity, after daily application, a tube lasts around 2 months. This is okay for me because I toss around the 2 months mark anyway (because I'm afraid of eye infections and bacteria), but this is considered pretty short shelf-life for a mascara. So a 3 in terms of longevity because even though I think 2 months is not a big issue. Together, this mascara gets 9 in this section. 
5. Application: Application is a little annoying for me because the mascara is very wet, and it is very frustrating how I cannot devise a good way of applying this mascara. It eventually gives length after brushing many many times. The mascara's website says that it allows 1.5 minute application per eye before the tubes dry, and I generally have to brush until the mascara does dry to get my desired length (which is not that dramatic).So this is very time consuming for me. 
And if I do get anything on my lids, all I need to do is get some warm water on a q-tip and swipe it across. However, I do prefer to use green tea. I don't think it makes a huge difference from water, but somehow I feel that it makes my lids less swollen if they are. 
In terms of application, I'd say a 7.5 since it's pretty frustrating and takes a long time. I know applying your mascara for 3 minutes in total is not that big of a deal, but the experience is just frustrating, and the lashes get longer randomly. 
6. Length: In this aspect, this mascara is really mediocre. It increases the length of my lashes, but I don't think by a huge lot. Probably 60% if I work at it, which is not bad for an everyday look. For special occasions, I still use my old fiberwig, even though I might have to spend 15 minutes at it. So a 7 in terms of length, since it's not bad for a mascara, but not enough for me all the time.  
7. Volume: This gives pretty good volume for a tubing mascara. Lashes look fat after using this mascara. However, the volume is nothing compared to mascaras like Dior Show. So a 4 in terms of volume. 
8. Removal: If you compare tubing mascaras with regular mascaras, most of them would get a 10 in terms of removal, but since I'm comparing tubing mascaras, I'll make the bar a little higher. This mascara is a little harder to remove. Like the website says, it does take lots of water and pressure, while a lot of water does it for most tubing mascaras. It really does come off in tubes with lots of warm water. So a within the context of all other tubing mascaras. 
9. Clumping: Clumping is not a big issue for this mascara, since even though I apply 1.5 minute per eye, I generally don't get a lot of clumping. However, this isn't to say that clumping is impossible. If I don't brush carefully, my lashes still clump together given how wet the mascara is.  So a in terms of clumps. 
10. Sensitivity: This one is pretty good in terms of sensitivity. No stinging and not much discomfort should it flake into my eye, which it doesn't happen a lot. However, I am aware that some people wear contacts, so the flaking might be painful for you, even though it's a lot better in terms of flaking than a lot of other mascaras I've tried. I'll give it a 8.5 in terms of clumping.

This mascara gets a total of 76.5. Even though the score is very similar to some of my favorite mascaras, it doesn't work that well for me because it takes a long time to apply and does not give enough length for me.

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