Monday, October 11, 2010

Greetings from Korea and an announcement!

Hi, girls, I'm sorry for not posting for days. One of my most loyal readers, Diana, asked if I'm all right in Korea since I haven't been posting. Thank you, Diana. Yes, I'm all right, just really busy. It's not as bad as several days ago, when I had to stay up nights, but Koreans, at least the Koreans in my company are a very friendly people, so I tend to go out every night to dinners and gatherings held in my honor. When I get home, I'm usually exhausted from trying to speak Korean. A few of the things we do is shopping, eating, drinking (soft drinks), and singing. :) I love love the shopping part, since they introduce me to a lot of well kept Korean beauty secrets while shopping (this and that product that can only be found in a dark corner of a certain store, but almost everyone they know use it, etc.) and the clothes are great. Eating is even better. I get to eat all I want until my stomach is full, and manage to lose weight. Koreans have such a healthy way of eating. It seems that for every bite of meat I eat, I eat 5 times more vegetablels, which makes it very healthy and fullfilling. I love the soft drinks, the smoothies, the bubble teas, and the fresh squeezed juices, even though I learnt Koreans prefer to have real fruits rather than the juices. Singing is the embarrasing part. I know few Korean songs, and it would be tacky to sing American songs. I've since mastered the song "I believe" from My Sassy Girl, and the two songs in the Korean drama "Full House". Those are the only songs I can sing, but I'm getting into Korean music. It sounds more melodic than some of the rock music we Americans have. :) I think I might have to be here for another two weeks, but I don't mind.
I've gotten more cozy with my coworkers now, and I often go for visits to their homes. (Some people who have read this blog for a long time know that the last time I was in Korea, it wasn't really pleasant because I had to dismiss a worker who's badmouting the company and handle all the loose ends his libel did. This made my coworkers wary of me at first, but I found that being friendly really helps.) I found that it seems like Korean women love beauty  products. The average size of their stash should be twice or three times the size of our average stash. However, there is one major difference: the bolt of their stash focuses on skincare. I asked at first if they found their HG skincare products. They didn't understand what I meant. At first, I thought it was a language barrier, but gradually I understood that they are not loyal to their skincare products. They do something called "multi-playing". They keep using the products they love, but they also keep getting new products. Most of my coworkers switch skincare products weekly or prevent their skin from getting too used to certain products, or even becoming dependent on them. They think that skin will gradually develop immunity to products if they don't switch them. I found this quite an interesting theory, and a theory many Americans won't buy. I asked a good friend to ask at makeupalley's makeup board, and everyone said that that in this day and age, skincare would contain ingredients that become less effective over time. There were quite a few LOLs.
I still don't know what to believe, but I think there would be no harm in trying new skincare products, would there? Maybe this is just a well developed excuse for Korean women to keep on getting new products, but they have beautiful skin, so maybe there's some merit to this theory? Anyway, I have been persuaded to start trying more and more skincare products, while still using my trusty Laneige. This way, I can share more skincare reviews with my dear readers, and might also find another HG for myself in the process (though I doubt I can really find something significantly better than my favorite Laneige. :P  I already bought a lot for myself on a trip to (guess where? It's a country really close to Korea famed for their beauty products and the home of a few really famous big name brands even here in the US), and they are awaiting a review from me as soon a I get home. :)


  1. Great post! I love hearing about beauty outlooks in different countries - right now I am reading a book on Japanese beauty aesthetics and it's really interesting! It's nice to hear how Korean people view skin care.
    I really want to visit Korea now - the food sounds lovely.

  2. Hi, Elizabeth, thank you for your comment! I was reading a Japanese beauty book a while ago. I think it's called Japanese skincare revolution. It's a great book, and really changed my outlook on beauty. It's so popular in Korea, and it's supposed to be more popular in Japan. My coworker named it as the beauty handbook every woman should have and I quite agree! :)

  3. I just found your blog today and I'm so happy I did! Your blog is so informative, detailed, and helpful, and I like how you write in a professional manner too. Your description of Korea makes me miss it soooooo much! I want to go back soon... :(
    Anyways, please keep up the good work! ^.^*

  4. Awww, thank you :) That's so sweet!


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