Friday, October 22, 2010

Skin79 Lovely Girl BB Cream Review

Since I'm pretty much stuck in Korea for a while anyway, I decided to try out a few more BB creams, since the Korean counters are pretty generous with samples (when you buy another full sized product). So I went to the skin79 counter to buy another bottle of my beloved Diamond Total BB cream and asked for a few samples of a few other BB creams they carry. The samples are small, but since I only use a little BB cream anyway, each sample should last a week, which should be sufficient to do a review.

First off, this BB cream is designed for young girls between the ages of 17 to 22. I thought I barely fit into the age range, so I tried it. (lol, I'm not telling you my age, sorry). I can see how this BB cream would be targeted to the younger age range, because....

Coverage: The coverage is nothing to write home about. When layered, it is sheer medium at most. With the regular amount, you get sheer coverage. However, this seems to contain some light reflecting qualities, so that your imperfections are as clear when you take a photo or look in the mirror in the sunlight. 
The smoothing ability also seems quite good. The SA showed me that she has large pores on her nose, and after putting it on her nose, the pores are quite invisible. 
Finish: The finish is really natural, perhaps a little more glowy than my natural skin. I can see why this is targeted around young girls, since in some schools in Korea and China, girls aren't allowed to wear makeup. With this BB cream, it will be barely noticeable (or not at all) that you are wearing makeup. 
Oil Control: The oil control is really good like I expected. In Korea, most products that are targeted to young girls tend to have super oil control. The first day I wore this, I did my usual skincare, and three hours after putting this on, my cheeks actually felt dry. My T-zone stayed oil free until the 10th hour, which is pretty amazing, but I also sprayed a bit of makeup mist onto my cheeks since it felt so dry. 
Spreadability: This is needs a little rubbing to get it spread evenly, which I don't like, but if I don't wait for my moisturizer to dry, this seems pretty great. 
General comments: This is a pretty good BB cream for young girls, with a great smoothing ability. It looks really natural and the oil-control is superb (perhaps a little too much). It is less spreadable than I would have liked, but I think it is oil-free in order to be suitable for girls. I would really recommend it to girls who need a lot of oil control, and I think it will function great as a base if you need more coverage. 


  1. Hi! I've been searching for a BB cream with good oil-control, and this sounds like the perfect product for me! I was just wondering, what shade is this? I think that my skin color is around NC30, so do you think this will be too light for me?

  2. Hi, LeeLee :)
    The shade is around N25, but it is pretty sheer, so I think it should be all right after a while of oxidization. The oil-control of this product is pretty good, or even a little too good in my case :)


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