Monday, October 25, 2010

Skin79 Super Plus BB Cream Hot Pink Triple Functions Review

As I mentioned before, since I'm staying in Korea, I might as well try out some other BB creams. This is just another BB cream sample I picked up at the Skin79 counter with my purchase. I actually used this before for two weeks, but I wanted to get a sample to refresh my memory before I do the review (I actually tried a total of 60ish BB creams before :P) I didn't really expect much out of it. Skin79 is a good brand, so I expected it to be safe, but it's targeted to teenagers and people in their 20s, so I didn't really expect anything too great either. I guess I was just curious since I liked skin79's diamond total BB cream, and wanted to try out the entire line-up to see if there is something better out there. Well, I wouldn't say this is my favorite BB cream, but it is much more than I expected

This BB cream, like most Korean BB creams (except for my beloved Laneige), promises quite a lot. On the bottle, this BB cream claims to be triple functioning (SPF+"wrinkle improvement"+whitening) while on the website this BB cream promises ten functions (Whitening+Wrinkle Improvement+Oil control+Moisturizing+Protection from the Environment+UV Protection+Perfection, which I assume means complexion perfection+skintone correction+skin adhesion+base makeup), which is quite a lot. In a nutshell, this BB cream is supposed to act as sunscreen, primer, foundation, as well as having some skincare benefits. 
A lot of people told me they steer clear from this BB cream because of the "wrinkle improvement" part since many people are young and don't have any wrinkles to improve. The SA told me that the wrinkle improvement part actually means anti-aging, and she secretly told me that one shouldn't rely on a BB cream to improve wrinkles, which I quite agree. I also don't really rely on this as a sunscreen, but that's just me...

Coverage: The Coverage is pretty good. I'd say sheer medium, and I don't think it's really layer-able (on my second layer, it becomes quite cakey). It seems to give skin a smooth texture and minimize pores. 
I've noticed that this BB cream has somewhat of a whitening effect after applied and tend to give people a cool undertone. I watched my coworker apply it, and she had quite warm skin tone before application, and her skintone became a delicate cream and roses complexion which is quite pretty. The BB cream isn't overly pink, and I think it gives a rather natural look. 

Finish: The finish is really natural and pretty dewy. I really like the look since it seems to either fill in or cover pores, which is great. It reminds me of the skin I get in the morning after plenty of sleep and lots of my beloved night cream. 

Oil Control: The oil control is better than I expected, though still mediocre for me. I got shine on my t-zone on the 6th hour, and a little oily on the 8th. However, after trying the Skin79 Lovely Girls, I was quite grateful that it isn't drying. :) 

Spreadability: This is more of a milky texture than a cream texture, so it's easy to apply, but needs more patting and blending than a more creamy BB cream. Not bad though. 

Skin Benefits: I've started to not expect much skin benefits out of BB cream, since I love my skincare anyway. This BB cream doesn't seem to have any too obvious skincare benefits, but I think it at least doesn't harm skin (which is more than most foundations can say. My Laneige foundation doesn't give me any troubles, but I always wear my Laneige base with it which should cut down on the trouble foundation gives). 

General comments: This is a pretty good BB cream, with a great smoothing ability. It seems like a pretty average BB cream, but if you think about it, it doesn't have any obvious faults that would make me never touch it again (which 70% of BB creams can't achieve) so...I'll wear this when my skin is a little dull or has bigger pores from lack of sleeping as it really gives perfect dewy skin (if you need more coverage, by all means use a concealer). The oil control is mediocre, and I don't blot or powder, but 8 hours is pretty acceptable, as I hate to wear makeup (to me is defined as anything with a tint + many many other products) too long anyway. I would not really advice using this as a makeup base since layering it makes it rather cakey. Great BB cream overall. 


  1. I just brought this BB cream via eBay and I wanted to make sure it's real deal, does yours have any paticular smell, because I can't smell anything with mine?! On top of that, it took forever for the pump to dispense the the product, like 30+ pumps! Sorry about my ranting loved the review.

  2. HI Di-Ya, sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your comment. :) I remember it having a very very faint scent from the beginning, but I cannot smell it now. As for the pump, it's natural for it to take a long time to work. If I remember correctly, skin79 are using airless pumps, so as they traveled from Korea to you (probably by air), the air pressure would have changed somewhat, so that it takes many pumps for it to start working properly (my physics is not too good, so I don't really know why, but it's normal). :)

  3. Is this good for oily acne prone skin? What BB cream can you recommend for the said skin type? I'm desperate. :|

  4. Hi Anonymous,
    No BB cream can fit all oily acne prone skin, so it really depends on your skin. I would say that this has very good oil-control properties for a BB cream, but like all BB creams, it has a long list of ingredients, so if you know any specific ingredients that makes you breakout, I'd say avoid a BB cream with that ingredient. Could you tell me a little bit more about your skin and skincare routine so that I can help you pick a BB cream?

  5. Hi Cathy,

    I'm very unfamiliar with BB creams because I've never used one before. But judging from the rage of BB creams over the internet. I've decided to give this a try.

    Can you recommend a good BB cream for me?

    I have a very fair complextion but I have oily skin that breaks out easily. As for my skincare routine, I wash my face often and I ocasionally use a toner and sunscreen. Other than that, I don't use any other treatment to my face.


  6. Hello,

    I am wondering if I should even look into BB creams because they are usually suited (from what I've seen) for fairly light skinned individuals. I have a yellow undertone with my color in foundation usually being Natural Beige; so rather darker than the typical Oriental individual. So just to add, what BB cream would you recommend for my skin colour?


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