Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tubing Mascara Review 4: Clinique Lash Power, a.k.a my new HG

When I reviewed the Fiberwig Lx last time, I promised that I wanted to share with you my new HG tubing mascara. A lot of you will be surprised that it is this Clinique Lash Power, which retails at almost half the price of fiberwig, especially in light of the fact that I'm a beauty snob. However, I use this with Clinique's lash primer for a little extra protection for my lashes and a little extra length.

1. Smudging: This is by far the most important aspect of all mascaras to me, because before tubing mascaras, all mascaras smudged on me. Before, it was not a matter of whether it smudges, but whether how much or when it smudges. Compared to regular mascaras, this mascara can said to have no smudging, but if I do rub my eyes (which I never do) after the 9th hour of wearing it, It will give a faint smudge. So an 8.5 in terms of smudging. 
2. How long does it last on my lashes: This mascara lasts for around 10 hours before starting to smudge a little. However, it would still be functioning all right, i.e. usable after 16 hours :) So a 8.5 in terms of how long it lasts. 
3. Flaking:  I eventually learnt that flaking seems to be the biggest foul of tubing mascara. It seems that since they come off it tubes, they can't smudge, but some times the tubes breaks, etc. which makes tubing mascaras flake a lot. This mascara, I'm glad to report, doesn't flake on my as much as even the old fiberwig, but it still does. I'd say a flake every hour or two hours, probably leaning towards two hours. However, to be fair, I'm using this with the clinique lash primer, so it might behave a little better than it would alone. So this gets an 7 in terms of flakes on me.
4. Color and longevity of the tube: Isn't it weird that I put those criteria together since they are not so much related? But I don't know about you, but I don't care that much about either the color or longevity of the mascaras I buy, which is why I thought I'd give each of those 5 points instead of 10. In terms of color, this gets the perfect 5, since it is jet black on me. In terms of longevity, after daily application, a tube can last up to 7 months. Not that I'd really use any mascara for 7 months, but then you get the general idea. I toss mascara every three months. So a 4 in terms of longevity because even though I think 7 months is more than enough, I've heard of mascara that lasts two years... Together, this mascara gets 9 in this section. 
5. Application: This is the best part. The brush is really teeny tiny so that it really gets to all my corner lashes, and I rarely get any mascara up on my lids anymore. Out of all the points, I probably love the brush of the mascara the most. I think it would apply very well on the bottom lashes without smudging too, even though I never do that. I think I look scary with my bottom lashes coated with mascara :P
It probably takes about 1.5 minutes for both eyes together with applying the lash primer, since I really just swipe it up on my lashes twice and call it done. And if I do get anything on my lids, all I need to do is get some warm water on a q-tip and swipe it across. However, I do prefer to use green tea. I don't think it makes a huge difference from water, but somehow I feel that it makes my lids less swollen if they are. 
In terms of application, I'd say a since it's so easy and hassle free. I say a 9 because even though this is best application I've ever got out of mascara, I think there might be better out there.  . 
6. Length: In this aspect, this mascara is really mediocre. It increases the length of my lashes, but I don't think by a huge lot. Probably 50% if I work at it, which is not bad for an everyday look. For special occasions, I still use my old fiberwig, even though I might have to spend 15 minutes at it. So a 6.5 in terms of length, since it's not bad for a mascara, but not enough for me all the time.  
7. Volume: This mascara doesn't give that much volume. It gives me really really natural look eyelashes. So it' kind of like my lashes but better. If I want volume, layering this doesn't work at all. However, the lash primer does help a little bit. Another good thing is that no matter how many coats I apply, no clumping.  So a 2.5 in terms of volume. 
8. Removal: If you compare tubing mascaras with regular mascaras, most of them would get a 10 in terms of removal, but since I'm comparing tubing mascaras, I'll make the bar a little higher. This mascara is the easiest to remove of all the tubing mascaras I've tried. It really does come off in tubes with lots of warm water (even if your hand never touches your lashes) just like the L'Oreal Beauty Tubes. So a 10 within the context of all other tubing mascaras. 
9. Clumping: This mascara doesn't clump no matter how hard I try :P However, if I applied a lot of lash primer before hand, this might be harder to separate.  So a in terms of clumps. 
10. Sensitivity: This one is pretty good in terms of sensitivity. No stinging and not much discomfort should it flake into my eye, which it doesn't happen a lot. However, I am aware that some people wear contacts, so the flaking might be painful for you, even though it's a lot better in terms of flaking than a lot of other mascaras I've tried. I'll give it a 8.5 in terms of clumping.

This mascara gets a total of 77.5. Adding it up make the score seem less than perfect, but it is somewhat similar to my old Fiberwig mascara. I guess it is my current HG not because it really is perfection, but perhaps for the lack of other choices. 


  1. I think we're lash twins! I have been on the search for the perfect HG tubing mascara since...forever. I used Blinc back in the early 2000s, because I'm pretty sure it was the only one in existence. Then the Beauty Tubes came about a few years ago, and I loved them SO MUCH MORE than Blinc. And just this year, I stumbled upon Clinique Lash Power (and High Impact Curling and Bottom Lashes) and while they didn't mention tubing in the ads I saw, they did say "removes with warm water". I knew what that meant! Lash Power has quickly become my HG as well, and it is primarily because I love that tiny brush. Anyway, I love your reviews, great job!

  2. I am also looking for a tubing mascara. I am trying Lise Waiter's 24 hrs. glam.

    I will let you know how it goes.

    Have a great week.



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