Saturday, October 2, 2010

Laneige Multi Cleanser Review

This is one of Laneige's most popular products, and one of my personal favorites. I can't say that I've gone through several tubes of this, but I've used this for more than a year since my big switch from Mamonde to Laneige. I use this every single day at night, and yet, I still have around 10% of my tube left. :) Oh, and just so I'm clear, this is the review for the "old" multi-cleanser in the above packaging. Laneige has recently updated its cleansing line with its a new multi cleanser in a blue tube (see here for the new cleanser) that I have bought and haven't tried yet. However, I've been assured that it is exactly the same by my colleague who also loves Laneige, but I will certainly post my thoughts when I get to the new tube, which is will probably be in two months.
Now why do I love this cleanser and why did I choose it in the first place? Well, I'm sorry to admit that my initial decision was a no brainer. I wanted to switch to Laneige, and wanted to try to use everything in its lineup for my skincare if possible, so I got the multi cleanser. And you might be surprised to know that I regretted my decision the first month I bought it. Why? Well, I immediately switched from my BP cleanser to this for my night time regimen, which caused a few breakouts, and I didn't know how to use this cleanser then, so it was really drying. I later found out that I was using way too much every night and also that if one were to go off potent acne curing drugs like BP and SA, one should do it gradually and slowly (which is what I'm doing now).
I thought that before I do my pros and cons list, I should share with you how to use this cleanser. First off, you needn't be nervous, there is no special unique way to use this cleanser. The trick is to use less, much less than you would any regular cleanser. At first, I was using 2cm of this cleanser (I say 2cm because it's very thick and comes out in a cylinder), and as I stand by the sink and rub this around my skin, the cleanser foams up so thickly that my entire face was covered by a white mask. When I rinsed this off, my skin was squeaky clean, and felt dry even as I was rinsing off. I gradually learned to use around 0.5 cm of this at most every day, and it doesn't overdry me now.
Oh, and many people were worried about whether they can use this cleanser everyday because on the laneige website, this cleanser was supposed to exfoliate (and many people believe that we should not exfoliate everyday). I am not going to argue about whether we should exfoliate daily since I'm not a dermatologist, but this cleanser really only does really really mild exfoliation to the point that you would still need to use another exfoliator weekly or biweekly. It contains tiny tiny beads that dissolves within 5 seconds of rubbing it around the skin. I personally find the really gentle exfoliation very welcome, since gentle exfoliation daily can prevent breakouts (essentially what the clarisonic does for people my age).
Sorry for blathering on. I will close my big mouth for now and go on to the reviews. :)

1. A little really goes a long way. I would only use 0.5 cm of this, which means that I haven't finished a tube yet in a year.
2. Very gentle daily exfoliation
3. Removes all my makeup (but then I don't wear too much) 
4. pleasant tangerine scent (I was told that the scent is not artificial but because this contains tangerine extracts among other beneficial things)
5. Does not overdry if you don't over use
6. Thick foam that really leaves my face clean

1. Stings eyes if you get the cleanser into your eyes (I know this is supposed to be able to remove eye makeup, and it does, but close your eyes tight if you need to use this cleanser to remove eye makeup. I would really recommend using a separate makeup remover for your eyes)
2. You might find the very thick foam weird in a cleanser, so it might take getting used to

Overall: Really nice cleanser to use at night to remove my sunblock/BB cream/makeup base and foundation. I am glad this saves me from using an oil cleanser :)

Oh, and since we are on the topic of cleansing, even though Korea doesn't offer some amenities the US does, it does have something that US people doesn't have easy access to: steam houses. I love going to steam houses after a day of work (and after I've cleansed my face) to steam my whole body. It's so refreshing and feels like I'm detoxing. You can get it for a few dollars to $50 dollars depending on where you go. You can go to a public wash house (which is pretty sanitary) or a spa. I generally go to the one in my hotel, which is a cross between the high end and low end, and really cheap for me since I'm staying there. You can get a massage for a small fee, but my parents always tell me that it's hard to know what the word "massage" means in different countries in Asia, so I'm staying clear of it for now. :) 

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