Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Skin79 Super Plus BB Cream VIP Gold Review

Many people have trouble distinguishing this BB cream from the VIP pink BB cream. They are after all so similar, with almost the same description, the same bottle structure, except for the color. I couldn't find that much difference between the two BB creams either, except for one thing. I discovered that this BB cream just might be the Hot Pink's twin sister for different skin types.

Coverage: The Coverage is pretty good. I'd say sheer medium, and I don't think it's really layer-able. I mean you can layer it without much cosmetic difficulty, but it oils up really quickly if you apply more than one layer.  It seems to give skin a smooth texture and minimize pores. The whitening effect is not as obvious as the Hot Pink's, but still noticeable. Unlike the hot pink, which I said tend to make you look as if you have cool skintone, this one doesn't disguise undertone. It just makes you a little bit whiter, which is a natural look that many of my coworkers prefer. I personally don't need much more whitening on my skin, since I'm pale enough, but I don't mind the temporary whitening power. 

Finish: The finish is really natural and pretty dewy. I really like the look since it seems to either fill in or cover pores, which is great. If you apply too much, it can be shiny. 

Oil Control: The oil control is not too great. I think this BB cream was made for dry skin, which makes sense for the oil control to be minimal. I found this BB cream very moisturizing. My coworker said that she can wear this BB cream in the morning without moisturizer in a pinch, and not feel dried out throughout the day. It tried doing this once, and I quite agree. however, I'm not a huge advocate of dropping skincare products just because the BB cream is moisturizing enough. 

Spreadability: This is a milky texture, but more creamy than the Hot Pink. Very spreadable, but takes a little longer to blend because of the milky texture (you have to rub as it forms a film over your skin). I found that using smaller quantities help a lot in reducing the time I have to spend spreading it, but it also reduces coverage. 

Skin Benefits: I've started to not expect much skin benefits out of BB cream, since I love my skincare anyway. This BB cream doesn't seem to have any too obvious skincare benefits except for great moisturization, but I think it at least doesn't harm skin (which is more than most foundations can say. My Laneige foundation doesn't give me any troubles, but I always wear my Laneige base with it which should cut down on the trouble foundation gives). 

General comments: This is a pretty good BB cream, with a great smoothing ability. It is definitely richer than the Hot Pink BB cream, but in other aspects pretty much identical. This one contains quite a lot of supposedly beneficial ingredients, such as caviar, but I wouldn't really count on it. Caviar may have great benefits when ingested, but it may also clog skin when applied topically (as well as irritations for people who are sensitive to marine products). For the price, I don't really think there would be a significant amount of caviar. I have learnt that the wonder ingredient in BB creams is often arbutin, which ironically, people find quite controversial. 
This is in my opinion, the twin to the Hot pink BB cream, for drier and maturer skin. 
P.S. Sorry I haven't been posting daily (as I wanted to do). I'm still stuck in Korea and the life is hectic here. 

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