Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Son Bahyu Horse Oil Review

I recently got a comment from a reader that a product I really love doesn't have a good ingredient list and even have some ingredients she termed "poison". I would like to thank her for this comment because it has reminded me to review some of the "all natural" skincare items that I have been using, and surprisingly like.
First off, I should say that I have tried to go all natural in terms of skincare for a long time. I dread the "potentially carcinogens" in ingredient lists, but I rarely stick to any item of natural skincare, since they do not work for me that well. They are usually pretty irritating and make me breakout. However, every now and then, I still cannot resist the temptation of all natural, guilt free skincare. This horse oil is one of those products I found in those endeavors. If there is a lot of interest, I will gradually review the 22 kinds of oil I have tried to use on my skin. :)

This Son Bahyu horse oil has been the highest ranking moisturizer on cosme.net for a long time, and has always been the top 1 in the category called "facial oil".
Perhaps I should first introduce the concept of facial oil, since the concept is new to most of US beauty consumers. We have always been told that oil is bad for skin, and that it might cause acne. Actually, many of my friends only buy moisturizers that are oil-free.
Of course, I realize that oil is not really that novel a concept to all US consumers. Many of my US friends' grandmothers use oils on their face as moisturizers, and many organic skincare lovers has been using oils for a long time. The Japanese do the same. They use an oil for the face at night, or on days they do not expect the need to go out, or do not need heavy moisturization. Or sometimes, when Japanese women feel their skin is very dry, they use their facial oils beneath facial creams. This works really well because creams seal in the moisture, so the oil moisturizes and does not appear overly oily.
It took me a long time to get used to the idea of using oil on my face, but I do because my grandmother does, and her skin is beautiful. This is just another oil I picked up on my trip to Japan because it has such a high ranking.
It can be used all over your body, and is supposed to have some soothing properties like aloe. I applied this on my mosquito bites I got in a warmer part of Asia, and it really relieves the itching and redness.

This is completely natural and very 100% additive free. I don't really know how quickly it will expire, because my Japanese is really horrible. If someone could tell me, it would be really great.

1. A lot of moisturization. My neck got really dry last week after I got stuck in the cold for a long time (actually I don't know how it got so dry), but it was swelled up a little, and stung when I applied any products with Vit C in it. I used the horse oil on my neck, and then covered with a thick layer of my Laneige White plus Renew night cream on top. In half a week, the hives was gone and my neck no longer feels dry.
2. No breakouts even though it is an oil.
3. seems to calm some pimples if applied in moderate amounts, but not really significant compared to my other night creams
4. calms redness and itching from mosquito bites
5. makes skin really soft

1. Doesn't absorb as fast as it claims to, especially if you apply in large amounts.
2. Looks oily if you apply more than just a dab

Overall: Great Moisturizer that should not be used during day time, at least if not in very small amounts

NOTE: I am extremely sorry if horse oils upset you. I have met US girls who criticize the East for using horse oils, which is so cruel to horses. I love animals, but I could not control myself from getting this because it was so popular and works so well. 


  1. I already used Son Bahyu Horse Oil . It is amazing and 100% additive free! I highly recommend "Son Bahyu Horse Oil" for you my friend.
    facial moisturizers

  2. Son Bahyu Horse Oil is a amazing pruduct. I used already and ordered for 2 tube more. I recommend it too.

  3. Can you tell me where/how I can buy this Horse Oil please? My email: waratahgold@yahoo.com.au

  4. You can buy the Original Product here: http://www.cooljapangoods.com/en/son-bahyu-oilcream-xml-386_387_393-892.html?currency=USD This product is still ranked 10th on the favorite skin products in Japan!

  5. waratahgold i bought mine at conbinijapan, 25$ shipping cost included

  6. I've been using it for half a year for both my face and body. It's really moisturizing. I like it. And by the way one bottle of this horse oil can last as long as a year.

  7. This is the best website for horse oil: http://global.rakuten.com . Son Bahyu No. 7 is a very good product. There are other good brands like Hokkaido pure horse oil.

  8. I read it somewhere that the oil does not expire.

  9. I found this article through googling "horse oil". Just ordered one jar and can't wait to try it on my sensitive skin.
    BTW,Are those girls vegans?If not,they're hypocrites for criticizing the East.Using horse oil is no more cruel than using lard or tallow and I bet they don't think there's anything wrong with that.(I also wonder if they have anything against hunting which is so common in the West)They're probably so narrow-minded and biased about the East that they think anything The East does that they're not familiar with must be wrong.their type is sadly very prevalent in the West.To people like them,only "the west way" is the only way.I would have told them to go f*ck themselves.You have nothing to apologize for.

  10. I ordered Son bayhu horse oil, and have just begun using it. Some horse oils claim to have a skin lightening effect. I am not sure if this brand truly lightens skin - (i have a tanned forehead) but i will continue to use it and see where my skin is at after 1 -3 months. Also, i will admit that i have used emu & ostrich oil and i like them for face moisturization - especially in the winter.

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