Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sofina Jenne Lotion II Review

As I mentioned before, I have almost completely switched over from Laneige's White plus Renew lineup to Sofina Jenne. This is the lotion II, which one is supposed to use as a toner, minus the cotton pad. They have two kinds of lotions. Lotion I is for more oily skin, and contains particles to control oil. Lotion II is not really for dry skin, just for skins that need a little more hydration.
I don't have dry skin, and would have preferred if they had an option for combination skin, but the sales assistant told me that I could try buying both lotions and apply them to different parts of my face. I know many of you would have reactions like "oh, she wish". I interpretated it too as that she just wanted to make another sale, but then my coworker told me that this kind of skincare is pretty common for young lines. They initially have two types, one for more oil control and one for more moisture, and those who absolutely wants to can use the two types together. Then as the line gets more successful, they may release a third for combination skin, or even fourth and fifth for very dry or very oily skin. I'm guessing they'll do that with Sofina Jenne. Did I buy Lotion I as well? hehe, you'll see
I was really close to handing over my money for Lotion I in the name of research and in the heart of my perfectionism. However, I refrained remembering that Japanese oil control products generally work really really well. Their toners generally have a high alcohol content, and if no moisturizing ingredients are added in, it would be really drying on my combination skin.
It turns out that Lotion II worked out really well for me. It's hard to review a toner since they rarely have any huge effect on your skin that you can tell (their job is to make the later products easier to penetrate/absorb, etc.) The lotion has a very watery consistency, exactly like water. It looks nearly transparent, just a little milky, like rice water (water you get after soaking rice in it for a night).

1. Very moisturizing for a toner. After washing my face, I can feel the moisture sinking into my pores if my face is a little tight. However, if your face is dry, splashing any liquid on your face should have a similar effect. What matters is that even 10 minutes after using this, I still feel moisturized. Some girls on cosme.net mention that they can use this alone without the benefit of moisturizer. I don't think the lotion is that rich.
2. Fast absorption: sinks in within half a minute of applying it as most liquidy toners should.
3. Great for sensitive skin. I usually get some kind of small reactions when I switch skincare products. I've got no reactions this time! 
4. gentle enough to use on your eyes

1. Sensitivity: If you are very sensitive to scents, the scent this carries is strong! It has a jasmine flowery scent that I'm currently trying to find in a perfume. :)
2. Texture and application: some might like the fact that the toner is so liquidy, and I would agree too if I were allowed to apply by soaking it with a cotton pad, which I then wipe on my face. However, the sale assistant told me emphatically that in order to not waste product and get the most out of this toner, I should drop some of it in my cupped palms, which I then apply to my face. I find that some contents generally slip through my fingers and sometimes onto the floor....It might work better, however, if I had the time to do a cotton pad mask daily (which in a nutshell is to soak a cotton pad with a toner, peel it into five layers, and then place on face for around 10 minutes)

Overall: Pretty great lotion to use with the Sofina Jenne line. Nothing extremely special, but then most toners aren't. I think it helps the following products work better, but I haven't used it long enough to know for sure. 

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