Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sofina Jenne Milky Cleanser Review

This cleanser is advised to be used in the mornings and at night following Sofina Jenne's cleansing oil/makeup remover. I got this in Japan along with the rest of Sofina Jenne's lineup. To be honest, I wasn't sure I would like the cleanser since my current cleansers function well enough. But I like to use all the products of a lineup to satisfy my perfectionism/compulsion, so I got it anyway. I had to say I'm not sorry.

This cleanser cleans rather well, rinses off well, and is gentle to my skin. Also, like all Japanese cleansers, it is incredibly compact--meaning a little goes a long way, and even though a 120 ml cleanser doesn't seem like a lot for the money, I expect it to at least last half a year.
The way you use it is rather unique, but not very complicated. You take a drop (just a drop really) on your palm and then mix it with 2 times water. You then whip the mixture up on your hands by rubbing them together (as you would if you were washing your hands), then apply the foamy substance to your face, which then you rub around and rinse off.
I like this way of cleansing, because cleansers are gentler to the face if they are already foamed up (which means that no chemical reactions are taking place on your face), but if you apply many cleansers to your face already foamed up, they don't clean well anymore..This one still does!

1. Gentle on my skin. No drying at all! This is even supposed to provide some moisture to your face. When I saw this claim, I snorted to myself, but now I can believe it.
2. Cleanses well without over drying. I can feel my face is clean, but it is not "squeaky clean" as it would with Laneige's multi-cleanser. I know a lot of people love the squeaky clean feeling, but I found I love this more.

1. Time factor: I guess this is a little more time consuming than the regular cleanser. However, I find it to be a fun experience every time, and I am willing to spare the extra minute or so for a good and gentle cleanse. 

Overall: Really great cleanser that is gentle, and cleanses well without overdrying. 

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