Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sofina Jenne Makeup Remover Review

This is a review for Sofina Jenne's "makeup remover". I found the name bit misleading because the first thing that comes to mind is a makeup remover for lips and eyes. However, this is actually something like a cleansing oil, for your face, though it doesn't act exactly like a cleansing oil.
A cleansing oil is basically oil with a bunch of emulsifiers mixed in so that the oil binds with water when you splash water on your face, which makes it easier when you rinse it off. This is a bit different. This has oil ingredients in it, but when applied on your face, it doesn't have a greasy feeling, and can actually be rinsed off without emulsifying, even though I still always follow with their cleanser. Did I like this better than regular cleansing oils?
Well, I don't like most cleansing oils in general, but I can use this...

Why don't I like most cleansing oils? I find the emulsifying process very annoying, which makes cleansing a long process. I also don't like the fact my hands and face has to be dry when I apply the cleansing oil, since I always wash my face before touching my face. So I have to hold my hands up for some time to wait for it dry before I can rub cleansing oil on my face. What I loved about cleansing oils though is their cleansing power, and ability sometimes to unclog pores. (of course, if you have a reaction to some oils, your pores might even be more clogged).
I can use this makeup remover without those problems.

1. Zero reaction the first time I used it, which is rare for cleansing oils with me.
2. Great cleansing power. Can even take off some really waterproof eye products, though it seems to take longer than eye makeup removers.
3. Non-greasy feeling, which is really unusual in cleansing oils 
4. Pleasant scent
5.Easy rinseoff
6. As I rub it on my face, some grainy substance usually come off, which I think are impurities in my pores
7. Non-runny consistency

1. Sensitivity: If you are very sensitive to scents, the scent this carries is strong! It has a jasmine flowery scent that I'm currently trying to find in a perfume. :)
2. Cleansing power is a little inferior to cleansing oils and even regular oils. Waterproof eyeliner (which I don't use a lot of...usually use my lovely tubing eyeliner reviewed here
Overall: Really great makeup remover that I use to remove my waterproof sunscreen whenever I use it

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