Friday, November 19, 2010

Sofina Jenne Day Protector SPF 50+++ Review

This is not the "star product" of Sofina Jenne, but I think it should be, not only for its quality, but also for its concept. This is often mistaken as a mere sunscreen of the Sofina lineup (or so the SA told me), but this is actually your day time moisturizer. Sofina realizes that young women are often in a hurry in the morning, so may often neglect to put on their sunscreen, which will lead to photo-aging, so they developed this convenient product that is a sunscreen and moisturizer all in one. I absolutely love the idea because me too is pressed for time in the morning. :)
All right, I admit it, this is not the first moisturizer with SPF in it, but I think this is one of the first moisturizers with SPF that functions very well both as moisturizer and sunscreen.
Every morning, I wash my face, put on my toner, and then slather on a large portion of this (you should squeeze it out on the back of your hand, and it should be 2cm in diameter, which is not as much as it seems since the lotion is very runny). I sometimes walk to work in the blazing morning sun, and I don't get burned as I sometimes do with my other sunscreens :)
Oh, there are three kinds of day protectors. Two with SPF 24 PA+++, one is supposed to be refreshing and the other is supposed to be hydrating. And the third is the one with SPF 50 PA+++, which I chose.

1. Very moisturizing. Most moisturizers with high SPF isn't really moisturizing enough.
2. Fast absorption: sinks in within a minute of application
3. Great sun protection given that you apply the required amount
4. gentle enough to use on your eyes
5. Nice natural finish
6. No noticeable white cast

1. Sensitivity: If you are very sensitive to scents, the scent this carries is strong! It has a jasmine flowery scent that I'm currently trying to find in a perfume. :)
2. No primer functions: this is no big deal except that Sofina Jenne claimed this can be used a a primer, as they claimed their Perfect UV sunscreen (which I will review soon) can. Their Perfect UV sunscreen actually is a great primer, which led me to have high expectations in this area, which are disappointed.
3. look horrible after sweating: I went to the gym one day, and worked out crazily. I had sweat running down my face, and later when I looked into the mirror, I can actually see the route where sweat ran down
4. Expensive pricing. This costs about the same as a 60 ml bottle of Perfect UV sunscreen, but has only 30 ml in it, which is okay, since this has moisturizer built in, but it is still a bit too expensive for my taste.

Overall: Pretty great sunscreen if you are lazy in the morning and don't have a super active lifestyle (which I don't most of the time). However, if you can spare the extra minute in the morning (which I believe I can), you can try not using this product, and using the Sofina Jenne Jelly Moisturizer along with Sofina Perfect UV sunscreen. Much cheaper and better results. 


  1. So do you prefer using sunscreen rather than sunblock? I find it difficult to reapply sunscreen when I have make up on...It's probably convenient to use sunblock with make up, right?

  2. Actually, I do prefer sunblock to sunscreen, and I stated why here:

    However, it's really hard to find a "real" sunblock, which by definition should only contain physical sunscreen/sunblock ingredients. I only know of three or four and they all leave a white cast. The one I'm using now can be loosely defined as a sunblock, even though it has some chemical filters. :)

  3. Hi What are the ingredients?


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