Friday, November 12, 2010

Sofina Jenne Jelly Moisturizer Review

This has been cited as Sofina Jenne's most important and most popular item, so I thought I would review this first. :) This item was a really successful product for Sofina, since only 20 days after its launch, it became the 2nd most popular product in the moisturizer category on, a huge Japanese website devoted to beauty.
Japanese girls say this cream is good for sensitive skin, moisturizing, and it has generally been very well received. I usually hate those popular popular products because I think most of them are over-hyped. However, I was surprised to say I really like  love this moisturizer.

I bought this in Japan when I had to go over for business for a few days. As I mentioned before, the Sofina Jenne line is made for people in their early 20s, which is a rather perfect age group for me. I tried it out at the counter because a few of my coworkers and also my cosmetician in Korea tell me that Japanese skincare products tend to be superior because the quality control is really high, and they are sensitive of the fact that people have different skintypes. I've noticed this as well. Most Korean skincare products tend to target people with one specific concern, e.g. whitening, dehydration, sensitivity, aging. However, they do not really create different products for different skintypes, e.g. combination, dry, oily, etc. Japanese products tend to be more sensitive to the fact that people have different skin, and you will usually find that in one lineup, they have a huge range of products for different skintypes. For example, Sofina Jenne has two kinds of lotions and 3 kinds of sunscreens, with basically the same target in mind, but for different skins.
To be honest, I bought this cream as well as the whole Sofina Jenne lineup hoping to prove my coworkers wrong--that for some people, at least for me, Korean skincare (which I had stuck to for more than a decade) is better than japanese skincare. Well, I can't say that the Sofina Jenne line proved me wrong, but it is at least equal, if not better than Laneige White plus Renew.

So I've been using this as a night cream for around a month now. I think it's very moisturizing and soothing for my skin.

1. Great moisturizing. Sometimes when I have been in a air conditioned room all day, my skin feels dry. When I take off  my sunscreen using an oil cleanser and then double cleanse, my face feels drier. However, a few minutes after putting this moisturizer on, my skin feels supple and "happy" again.
2. A little goes a long way. I believe the suggested amount is a pea sized amount, so the tub will last a long long time.
3. Great for sensitive skin. I usually get some kind of small reactions when I switch skincare products. I've got no reactions this time! 
4. Absorbs in 4 minutes! How great is that?
5. I love the texture. It is not runny like a lotion, or thick (and oily) like a cream. It is something in between: jelly. It is easier to apply than lotion (not for me, since I'm very very used to lotion), but I've read a survey that many women hate lotion because of its runny texture. The survey also states that because of the runny texture of lotions, you tend to use more because as you try to rub it in, 40% of the lotion is lost in the process, so there is a waste of products. I don't know if that's true, but that's what I read. And it absorbs so quickly, much quicker than a cream.
6. Refreshing feeling after applied.
7. If you accidentally overapply, it does not give you breakouts (like my old Laniege white plus renew night cream doe). I think this means that the oil content is either low or it's a very good oil. 

1. Sensitivity: If you are very sensitive to scents, the scent this carries is strong! It has a jasmine flowery scent that I'm currently trying to find in a perfume. :)
2. Small looking jar that makes you think this product is super pricey. The content of the jar is actually the same as Laneige White Plus Renew night cream, but the jar is smaller by at least 1/3rd. When I first took this out of the box, I thought I got the trial product :D

Overall: Really great night cream that I would really really recommend to ladies with sensitive skin. 


  1. My gosh I have to stop reading your blog or else I'll be BROKE by the end of this year!

    But I'm going to refrain myself from buying all these skincare products until I'm done with mine...I will!

    I really want to try these Japanese products now. Is it also in america too?

  2. Hi, Sarah :)
    Sorry I'm tempting you with my posts. I'm always prone to be tempted by a new product's claims or glamorous reviews from many trusted bloggers. However, I don't usually try new skincare products because:
    1. what works for one blogger or many bloggers may not work for me. If I like what I use, I should not switch
    2. unless the product I'm using is having an adverse effect on my skin, I should stick because I believe it's beneficial to not switch around too often.
    I don't think Sofina Jenne or Laneige is available in the US or will be in the new future. I buy them direct from Japan, but I know ebay i also a good source given that the seller has lots of positive feedback.

  3. That's true, but I still haven't found a skincare line that works well for me. I would say that the Shiseido qiora line wasn't that bad but I didn't really have anything to compare it to. Currently, I'm using one from IPKN and I'm not sure if I like it as much.

  4. Hi Sarah. Shiseido generally have pretty good products, but I understand what you mean. Sometimes, I really like what I'm using, but I keep wondering, is there better out there? What makes it worse is that for skincare products, it takes a long time to tell whether it is working effectively or not...
    HOw long have you been using IPKN? You should generally give skincare a month to two months before deciding whether it is good (unless it breaks you out of course).

  5. Hi Cathy! I've been using it for three months and I'd say Shiseido felt a lot better on my skin. I like how IPKN isn't oily, but my skin feels a bit too tight and dry. And THEN it feels greasy after an hour or two. I can't really change skincare right now so I'm just going to wait until I finish the whole product. It probably isn't harmful to my face anyways...hopefully. :]

  6. Hi, Sarah, I think that IPKN is not hydrating enough for your skin, which is why your skin compensates by over producing oil an hour after application. I would advise you add another moisturizer to the one you are using if at all possible, and then switch back to a more hydrating line when you are done with this.

  7. i saw the ingredient list for this product and it was not at all impressive with lots of poison in it :(

  8. Hi, hopeinablog. I realize that a lot of commercial creams don't have a lot of "impressive" ingredients in it and a lot of ingredients that don't seem to have any benefit for skin or even may harm it, like parabens.
    I too read the ingredient list often, and I get scared sometimes. I tried all natural skincare, but it doesn't seem to work all that great for me. Gradually, I kind of realized that what really matter is that whether a product is good for my skin.
    If you look at the ingredient list, yes there's nothing impressive, not even caviar extract or some other fruit extract that has been so prevalent in a lot of creams nowadays, but at my age, I only really need plain and simple moisturizing, nothing more than that (except that it doesn't irritate my skin as to produce acne and other side-effects). So that's why I like this cream.
    However, I think reading the ingredient list is a great habit for you and me to have :)

  9. Hi Cathy,

    Surprisingly, I came across this today. It's starting to get cold in Australia and was in desparate need for a moisturiser so I ended up getting this (without knowing much about it). It was also very expensive.

    Glad I came across your site, it provides me with some review on what I could expect, which is exactly what I want!



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