Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sofina Jenne Line-up and General Review..more detailed reviews to follow

I teased you several weeks earlier that I had done a lot of shopping in Japan. 5% of that was Sofina Products (which means that I got a lot of stuff in total :)) Some of you who know me well know that I tend to not get a single product of any line, but to get a whole lineup if I am really trying something. Well, that's what I did.
I got the Sofina Jenne Makeup Remover (I don't use that much facial makeup anymore, but if I got it just in case if I need to remove any waterproof sunscreen); Sofina Jenne Cleaner, Sofina Jenne Lotion II, Sofina Jenne Moisturizer, Sofina Jenne Day Protector 50+PA+++
That's about 2/3 of the line. The whole line includes a facial makeup remover (may otherwise be known as a cleansing oil), cleanser, Lotion I (fresh type), Lotion II (Moist type), The Moisturizer, Day Protector SPF 24 PA+++ (Fresh), Day Protector SPF PA+++ (Moist), and Day Protector 50+ PA+++ (the one I got). This is the order from left to right in the above picture.
The line is designed for young women in their 20s. It was originally rumored to replaced the Sofina Rise line, but then it turned out that the Sofina Rise line had so many loyal customers that the official word is that Jenne is for early 20s and Rise for late 20s. It's good to know that I can stay within the brand if I wanted to as I age :P Then for 30s and 40s, there is the famous Sofina Beaute line.
The line's general concept is to keep the skin moist for young women for their 20s (through their patented ceramide technology), and make sure that the skincare routine is simple enough so that the young women gets what they definitely need at their age: hydration and sunscreen. I personally love the concept and think it's quite innovative.

I wanted to put a little graph about the process of using the products, but I didn't have access to photoshop and am a little tired, so maybe I'll add it later.
In the morning, one is supposed to wash their face, using the toner (without a cotton pad), and use the day protector (that's right, no moisturizer)
At night, one is supposed to use the makeup remover on a cotton pad to remover everything they may have on, and then cleanse their face, then use the toner, and then the moisturizer.

In general, I was really happy with this line. The cleanser is refreshing and good, the toner hydrating, the day protector moisturizing, and the night moisturizer quite good. The lineup is really gentle, so I think it would be great for sensitive skin, and Sofina has a reputation of avoiding a lot of bad ingredients in skincare. I promise I will follow up with more detailed product reviews this week. :) 
Oh, and I think this may replace my HG Laneige line if it continues to behave so well. We'll see :)


  1. Ooo the line looks great! I'm looking forward to your reviews about this line. What is the price range for the products?

  2. The price range is somewhere between 27 and 35 for the products. :) I'm currently loving this line. I will try to hurry up the reviews. I'm so excited about reviewing them, but I thought I should wait the requisite month before reviewing any skincare product to be responsible. :) Reviews will be coming up this week.

  3. Ahh i'm interested in this skincare line now! I wanted to get Laneige when I finished my current skincare line (which..isn't going to be soon) but this looks really appealing now. Especially after hearing that it's good for sensitive skin. But i'm it more or less expensive than Laneige?

  4. Hi, Sarah. I would say it's a little more expensive than Laneige (by 2 to 3 dollars per item), but the quality control of Japanese skincare is great. I'm feeling a little guilty since I think I might love this more than Laneige :)


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