Friday, February 12, 2010

Jadilla J Original BB cream review + samples

This is recommended by my lovely friend Julia. Even though she found her HG in the Jadilla J Whitening BB cream, she liked this one also, and thought I might as well. Well, it was interesting if nothing else. :)

No, it was actually a very decent BB cream, just very unusual in that it comes with a sponge applicator. My camera is broken, but I promise to take a picture of the applicator and post it up here. I am just going to briefly describe it here. Like most BB creams, this one comes in a squeezy tube, but in front of the opening of the tube, there is a sponge like thing with a whole in the middle. Theoretically, when you squeeze out the BB cream, it would be on the sponge, and you can apply it on your face with the sponge. This is supposed to be more convenient for those who are used to applying with a sponge. However, I find that I don't like this as I've always been a fingers person. It also seems that I use up much more product when using the sponge applicator (which happens with all sponge applicators anyway). Approximately 1.5 times the product I use when applying with fingers.
However if you don't like it,  you can easily take the sponge off.
Other than that, this BB cream seems pretty normal. So here comes the review.

My Quick Take:

Coverage: Sheer to medium. Very easy to blend and layerable. 
Oil-control: 8 hours without powder. I started oiling up around the nose on the sixth hour, but you can't really see it. 
Color: conservatively, would suit NC/NW 15 (or much fairer) to NC/NW 30 skins. This is the lightest BB cream I've tried so far. I actually really love the color. It has a sort of yellow undertone that looks like a foundation. When applied, it gives me the most wonderful color match. It's natural, it's my color, only better. 
Finish: slight glow, leaning more towards matte--a very natural matte. 
Special properties: Protecting, slightly moisturizing, evens skin-tone slight anti-aging, SPF 30
Overall: I like this BB cream, but I just know this is not my HG. First off, I am not crazy about the packaging. I much more prefer princessy ones :) However, packaging is not the most important as long as the BB cream is good. I can't find any obvious faults with the BB cream, but it just looks a little too matte for me. It looks natural enough that people could believe that you are not wearing makeup, but it does not give that also very natural and healthy glow that I love. It does brighten skin as good as any others though.

5ml: $4 plus shipping (should be under $2)
email me for larger samples or even the whole tube if you want to try the sponge tube :) 

I am selling the whole bottle (95% left) for $20 plus $4 shipping if anyone's interested. I find that I love the glowy look too much to use it because this gives a natural matte finish. 

Update: I've found that this product is actually pretty good at healing whiteheads. When I put on the makeup on, there's some whiteheads, and when I take it off, the whiteheads are gone! 

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