Saturday, February 6, 2010

Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Base & Foundation, & White + Renew Foundation

I have used the base and foundation for some time now, and I have to say even though I am not sure it deserves HG status, I like them. I would give them 5 stars since I can find not much wrong with them.
The picture above is the base, which has a green, pink, and purple color, of which I chose the green. Green bases hides red skin, purple color hides yellow skin (while I think in truth makes skin unnaturally white), while pink brightens skin (or some claim they can change your undertone temporarily from warm to cool).
The green base offers zero coverage, but goes on very smoothly and is very easy to blend. It does cover red areas very effectively. I'm not sure about the oil control, since I've always used it with foundation, and together, they lat me 10+ hours. You might make it last longer with powder, a product I rarely use.

As you can see, it has a small cap on top, which contains cream highlighter, which I like to put under the arches of my brows. The quality is very good.
This is the original snow crystal dual foundation, with spf 22 PA+. It goes on similar to the base, and offers about medium coverage. On the top, there is also a small cap that you can fling open. It contains concealer, which matches the foundation flawlessly. By the way, the color match is very good on me as well. I think I chose the medium color.
Before I used up the snow crystal foundation, this came out. This is the white plus renew snow crystal duo foundation. I am planning on buying their skincare line white plus renew, so I bought the foundation. This is very similar to the original foundation, except that it has spf 41 PA++, and I've noticed that if I put on too much foundation, it doesn't cake, but makes my face looks whiter, but very natural. The cap on top contains highlighter instead of concealer. This lasts 10+ hours on me with the base, and without powder.
I have had no allergic reactions so far, but I still switched to BB creams. I am not sure why I switched when the base and foundation looks as natural on me, and also claims healing abilities. However, I think the healing abilities on BB cream are a little faster. :D


  1. I've been wanting to try this foundation! How much are the snow crystal dual foundation in Korea?

  2. Hey, Sunyoung :) The foundation is around $40 retail. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. It's hard to track for comments on my blog. I will definitely reply within a day if you use the chat box on the left :)

  3. hi, I went to Laneige website and I can't find the purple color for this they have only: pink, green and white and my skin is kind of yellow so i think white is ok for me?

  4. Hi, Tina :)
    It would depend on what functions you'd like your primer to perform. If you'd like to look "less yellow" or have "brightened" skin, I would actually suggest pink. I now use the pink version of it, and it gives my N15ish skin a nice glow.
    However, if you would just like a primer to keep makeup on longer and a barrier between your makeup and skin, the white one is an excellent choice to get. :)

  5. Hi Cathy,

    can you tell me what are the basic care for our daily routine? for me I try to use Multi cleanser,Perfect Renew Skin Refiner, Perfect Renew Skin Emulson ( can I skip Perfect Renew Essence?)-that for everynight, once a week I use Multiberry Yogourt Peeling Gel.
    for make up, can I use Perfect Renew Skin Emulsion before Skin Veil Base and Snow Crystal Dual Foundation.

    I can't find any store that sell Laneige in Seattle, so I will try to order it online from
    Please help coz right now I am so confused with the basic step of cleansing and make up I want to do it right before it's too late.


  6. Hi Tina :)
    I think you got it right. Yes, it is perfectly okay to skip the Perfect Renew Essence. It really depend on how much anti-aging you are going for. Is your heart set on the Perfect Renew line? It is a very good line, but it is designed to be hard-core anti-aging, and not everyone needs that. If you are interested in more anti-aging, the perfect renew line's night time mask is supposed to be very good. However, if this is your first venture into this lineup, I would advise you to "start slow" and start with the refiner and emulsion first and add other items if you need any as you go along.
    The night time regimen is perfect. The morning regimen should be something like this:
    1. cleanser: I would recommend laneige's Foam Cleanser (the Multi cleanser is excellent, but it might be too drying for twice a day use)
    2. Perfect renew skin refiner
    3. perfect renew skin emulsion
    4. sunscreen/sunblock (the foundation does offer spf, but you would not be using enough to get the spf, so using a sunblock is pretty important to avoid aging. I like Laneige's tripe sunblock, or sofina's perfect uv)
    4. makeup base
    5. foundation
    Since Laneige is a Korean brand, it would naturally be hard to find in a US city. :) is rather expensive, and I think there are other sites less expensive, such as gmarket. Or if you'd like, I can probably CP some for you since I'm currently in Korea.

    Your Korean is good, btw :)


  7. Hi Cathy,

    I am so impress that you are response so quick. I remember you said that you go to Korea once very 2 months. for business trip? I am 33 now that's why I try to do anti aging hahah...before I did not know that before you use make up you supose to use cleanser and refiner before foundation, I did not even use Make up base until I watched some you tube :)

    I don't know anything much about Laneige until I discovered that Song Hye Ko is the one that represent Laneige so I want to try it. for now, I just pick up the newest line from Laneige such as Perfect Renew :)
    Please give me more advises. coz I suck with make up hhahaha...btw, it less expensevive if you buy it from Korea?

  8. Hi, Tina
    I just happened to be online since I'm finishing up a report, haha. :) Yes, I go to Korea very often. Usually, I go every two months and stay for a week. However, right now, I'm stuck here for 4 months already...oh well..
    I think it is beneficial to have a skincare regimen for the mornings as well as for the nights. In the mornings, cleansing your skin and apply toner & moisturizer should prepare your face for makeup and make your makeup last longer and apply more smoothly. Of course, the morning regimen is also very essential to skincare, because it is all you have between your skin and the elements outside (the polluted air, the cold, or the sun). This is also why sunscreen is so important. It prevents photo-aging, which is the damage caused by UVA and UVB rays. So using a sunscreen would help let you keep your beautiful skin longer.
    I think the Perfect Renew line would be perfect for you. :)
    About the skincare, I think it should be cheaper direct from Korea, but I could be wrong. :)


  9. Cathy,
    the website that you gave me gmarket, it's hard to read it even though some of them in English :(


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