Tuesday, February 2, 2010

VOV Castledew blur shot review

This is also a part of my castledew haul. I was blown away by the cute packaging and the glowing reviews.

This is the color #1. This is a very good highlighter that looks very natural. It is a small circle of very fine shimmery powder surrounded by a pinkish light powder. I apply this by swirling my brush across the whole pact. If I want a little more shimmer, like on my nose, I just use the shimmery part. If I am looking for an ultra natural finish, I just use the outer ring of pinkish powder.

This is the color #3. The middle color #2 is a purplish highlighter. From experience, I know it will look unnaturally white, so I did not buy it. On my fair skin, this acts as a bronzer.
However, on my friend Julia who has slightly darker skin, NC 35ish, this is actually a natural highlighter. So it really depends on the skin tone.

Both compacts have a second layer under the powder. It contains a mini brush and a mirror.

Overall, I really love those products, but it seems I can't use highlighter very well. I've tried so many, highbeam by benefit, and most of the powders sold by U.S. brands, but unless I am very careful, I get the highlighter on the wrong places of my face 90% of my face, causing my face to look rounder or weird.

If anyone is interested, I am selling #1 at $7, since I used it 2x. I think I bought it at $11ish or so. I am selling #3 at $7 also, and I've used it 1x on myself and 1x on my friend Julia's face.

I used a newly washed brush both times (i wash my bobbi brown brushes once a day), so please don't worry about the hygiene.

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