Monday, February 8, 2010

VOV Anti-Trouble BB Cream Review

This BB cream came from the esteemed korean brand VOV, and was on sale, so I gleefully bought a tube of it in the lightest color. Anti-trouble also sounded quite appealing. Turns out, the product name accurately describes it if you remove the "anti"--trouble bb cream.

It wasn't quite that bad, considering I was sane enough to try it on the back of my ears first. The coverage was sheer medium, which is fine, and it gives a semi-matte finish that I am not very found of. It just don't look that natural. The oil-control was unbelievably good. The first time I tried this, it lasted 18 hours (with the coverage nearly gone), however, my ears did not oil up at all, which is not so normal for me, considering I used rich leave in conditioner on my hair that day. After I removed it, the area behind my ears was a bright red.

I thought that maybe I left it on for too long (although frankly, if a makeup causes strange reactions after a certain number of hours, one should not use it). The second time I tested it, I promptly washed it off after 6 hours, but I still had that redness.

I gave this to my friend Julia's young daughter, who was brave enough to do a whole face. She told me that she had dry patches surrounding where she has acne, and got red bumps under her nose, where she applied a lot considering the oil control. She has oily skin, by the way. She left it on for a whole school day, which is around 8 hours, and the coverage was somehow gone by midday.

I have not tried a full face of this yet, and I do not plan to. I am not selling samples of this because both me and Julia's daughter, Lucy had bad reactions. However, if anyone want samples or even the whole tube, which has 99% of product left, please comment or email me. :) I would advise against trying this unless you are very adventurous. I am sure that a BB cream from such a famous brand would work for some, but I am just not sure who.

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