Tuesday, February 2, 2010

VOV Volume Blusher review

This is a blush by VOV. Not quite the princessy castledew series, but this one looks quite elegant in its packaging, so I couldn't resist.
Another reason I couldn't resist is the marble finish of the blush. It looks so pretty, so I bought it. As you can see, it comes with a compact mirror but no applicators. A coworker in Korea actually gave me a small brush by VOV to use with this. Apparently something she got with another purchase. The small brush is very typical of included applicators meaning that it is unusable. :D

I only used this once, before realizing that the color may be a little red for me. I think the color is closest to benefit's benetint, but unfortunately, I am a posietint person, so... 
The finish is very glowy, since it seem to have very fine shimmers on the surface, but I imagine that the shimmers will go away by the 10th application. This lasted 6 hours flawlessly before I finally washed it off because I was self conscious about the reddish blush that does not look 100% natural on me, although my friends told me I look fine. :)

If anyone wants this, I will let it go for $6. I got it for $12, and used it 1x.  Sold 

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