Tuesday, February 2, 2010

VOV Castledew colorshot lip gloss, tint and volume balm review

The three lippies on the left are color shot lip glosses, and the third one is a lip tint. Of the four, I love the fourth lip tint the most. When applied, the color is so natural on my lips, even though it is a bit drying. It can also double up as a cheek tint easily.
The three gloss colors are very good too. The first one is an innocent pink. It shows up the best with concealer under. The second is a berry color, which I really love since it looks very natural. The third one is more neutral compared to the first two. It looks good with dark green clothes.
The glosses are similar to mac lip glasses, very glossy, has a wet shine when applied excessively, and are very moisturizing.

Those are the tinted lip balms I bought. The packaging looks cute, right?
I think those the color #3 and #2. The #2 is actually very similar to the pink gloss. A little light for everyday wear, but gives an innocent pink when I apply concealer underneath.
However, I admit I much more prefer the #3. It is a little bright for a lip balm, but with my pink and rose clothes, it looks very natural. It gives me the lip color I have just after eating. :) However, this is slightly more sticky than I would like, but much more moisturizing than most tinted lip balms. I think it is even more moisturizing than some of my lip balms. This is very good for winter.

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