Friday, February 12, 2010

Mamonde BB cream

Okay, sorry this has lots of Korean. I can't read either. My camera is broken right now, so I am making do with the photos I can find that does not have copyright. :)
Some of you may know, Mamonde is a line I LOVE. So naturally, when its very first BB cream came out, I bought it. I thought of this as a last resort. If I like nothing else, I can come to this and love it. This is how much I trust mamonde products.
However, this is nothing like I expected, even though it was still nice. When it came to me, the liquid and the cream separated in the tube. I don't know what happened. I shook it, and shook it, they did not miraculously come together. However, when I squeezed out a little cream, and a little water, mixing it on hand and applying it to my face, it was good.

My Quick Take: 

Coverage: Sheer, buildable up to sheer medium
Oil-control: 7ish hours? this is kind of sheer, so you can't really tell how long it lasted. 
Color: conservatively, would suit NC/NW 15 to NC/NW 30 skins. It has a slight pinkish grey undertone that fits most tones, and has no shimmer. This is lighter than most BB creams, and much easier to remove. 
Finish: very natural skin look
Special properties: very moisturizing, SPF 22
Overall: I guess this didn't start out good since the liquid and cream separated, but I imagine it should be good for people with good skin looking for a more basic tinted moisturizer type BB cream that can help maintain your skin. I just prefer something more balmy, more typical of BB cream. 

5ml: $3 plus shipping (within $2)

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