Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Laneige White Plus Renew Night Cream Review

First of all, I would like to thank Diana for reminding me to review this night cream. I wasn't going to forget reviewing it, but I almost forgot buying a backup for myself while in Korea. I've probably used up two tubs of this, and my third tub is almost empty (I'm scratching the bottom of the tub), and I almost forgot to buy my new tub! So thank you, Diana, for reminding me. 
Sorry there has been few posts recently. I've become a little bit busier in Korea than my first few days. As usual, my company leaves me to myself for the first day to adjust to the time zone (a.k.a going wild shopping for me). I usually do a half day on the second day, normal on the third and fourth, and I might have to stay up some nights during my last few days in Korea. So, as long as I'm not too busy, I wanted to review this.
I love this night cream as I love the entire white plus renew line, but especially this night cream. People has told me that the skin refiner and this night cream is the most effective in giving them whiter skin. Like I said before, I frankly don't know whether it's true because I've always used them together. However, i do notice that I always wake up with glowing skin (given that I get enough sleep) after putting this on, and it kind of heals some of my pimples, not as effectively as BP does, but very gently. BP always gives me redness after leaving it on a whole night, and gives me hyperpigmentation after a pimple heal.

1. A little goes a long way. I really just use a pea size for my whole face.
2. Absorbs in 10 minute
3. Gives me glowing soft skin in the morning
4. heals some blemishes

1. Sensitivity: If you are very sensitive to scents, the scent this carries might irritate your skin or your nose
2. If you use it too quickly (i.e. suddenly using it everyday or twice a day), it might be rich enough to give you whiteheads, so be patient when trying to incorporate this (and in my opinion, any skincare product) into your regimen.
3. can be too rich if over applied. 

Overall: Really nice night cream that I will try to use year round. 

P.S. A girl on makeupalley told me that I make almost everything Laneige I review sound magical, and that it sounds a little fishy. Come to think of it, it does, but I really really love Laneige products. The ones I use are my staples, and I think that anything that's less than magical on my skin should not become my staples. However, I would like to take this opportunity to say that not every Laneige item is as magical. i've tried a few, such as its cake liner which dries too quickly, its mascara which smudges, and its cake powder which is really too cakey. I will review them in the future to give you an idea of the Laneige products I didn't love (and provide a sort of alarm bell for you in case you were thinking of buying it). 


  1. The best thing about this page is all the renew night cream information is totally up to date and there is no false statements in this post

  2. It seems to make a great night cream. Any personal reviews please?


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