Sunday, September 26, 2010

Laneige White Plus Renew Essence Review

I arrived in Korea yesterday, so I'm still adjusting to the time schedule. It is early early morning here, but I'm up and thinking about my blog and the reviews I promised :) (well, no malls are open yet or I'd be happily shopping there instead, since it's bound to get busy tomorrow) Everything went pretty well, especially on the plane. I usually get a few pimples, or at least a few bumps on the plane because the air is so dehydrated and hygiene conditions are less than desirable (I don't have the 15 minutes in AM and PM to primp my skin), but I didn't get them this time! I researched the pimples on the plane issue and came up with a few things to do, and I prayed for no pimples. :) I'll share those techniques with you next time in case you'll be traveling. :) 
Anyway, on to the review. I like this essence, but if you've read my skincare regimen, you know that I don't use this daily yet. Well, I actually used this daily for some time in the winter months, and stopped using them since Spring and summer, so I'm trying to slowly ease back into it. So I know this product reasonably well to review it (and if I'm wrong, I'll apologize and update). So far, I really love the essence as I found it's quite efficient in delivering what it promises: moisturizing and lightening dark spots. It also absorbs really fast, so fast that I can't apply it as I do all my skincare products. I like to put some product onto my finger and dot some on my face, and then rub/pat it in. With this product, after I'm done making the last dot, most of the first dot would have absorbed, so I have to work dot by dot. (sorry for the strange vernacular) I found this a little strange at first, but in no ways annoying. It can also actually be pretty good if you are on the go, and need it to absorb the minute you finished applying it.

1. Absorbs really really abnormally fast
2. effective at lightening dark spots I get from past acne and BP use
3. makes my skin soft

1. Sensitivity: If you are very sensitive to scents, the scent this carries might irritate your skin or your nose
2. Absorption speed: I personally find it to be a pro, but even I had to adjust my application techniques at first, so it might take some getting used to. 
3. If you use it too quickly (i.e. suddenly using it everyday or twice a day), it might be rich enough to give you whiteheads, so be patient when trying to incorporate this (and in my opinion, any skincare product) into your regimen.

Overall: Really nice serum/essence that I will try to use year round. 


  1. My acene get disappeared by using this without affected my skin . Now I have acene free skin and it like dream come true.It makes my skin soft ,

  2. Laneige has got a good range of products


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