Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Missha Real Complete BB Cream Review

This is a new Missha BB Cream that came out not too long ago, and I bought it the last time I was in Korea. I couldn't wait to share this with you, but I thought to be responsible, I should wait the requisite 1 month before reviewing it so as to give you a full review. First off, a little something about this BB cream. Missha originally marketed this as a upgrade/replacement of the very popular Missha Perfect Cover BB cream, which I reviewed several days ago. However, as the campaign progressed, they realized that Missha Perfect Cover's popularity was welcome, and they didn't want to fix what wasn't broken. Therefore, they now market it as their first luxe BB cream. It promised 12 hours of wear time and a lot of benefits to the skin (just general nourishment, nothing specific, which is what I hate most about ad campaigns, promising nothing too specific). 

Coverage: The coverage is very similar to the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream, but I think it's a little less than the perfect cover. If you applied a tiny amount, it can give you a good sheer coverage. This comes in three colors, the normal #21 and #23, and a lighter color. If you can't a BB cream light enough to suit you, try the lightest color of this product. The product claims that the coverage is buildable and can give you the max amount of coverage without looking unnatural. I think that while in terms of coverage, it is buildable and covers well, it's not like your max coverage natural looking foundation. 
Finish: This gives a matte finish that can turn chalky if over-applied. 
Oil Control: Is the oil control as good as it promises? I found it to be not too bad, but really just the same as Perfect Cover, around 8 to 10 hours without powder and blotting. 
Spreadability: This is very spreadable, a little creamy. 
General comments: This is a pretty decent BB cream, but I was let down because of all the big promises. The tube may seem very artistic to some, but to me, it's meh.. Also, I think it's horrible that it is priced so much higher in the US than in Korea. Yes, I am an economic major and I understand the whole concept of price discrimination being beneficial to both consumers and producers, but come on, the difference is too much to be fair. 

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