Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tubing Mascara Review 1: original Fiberwig Mascara

I know I must have confused some of you by calling this the Original Fiberwig mascara, but it's true. About a month ago, Fiberwig changed its formula, the tube, and even the applicator in the U.S. This change took place much earlier in Japan, in January of 2010, I believe? Anyway, I am currently reviewing the fiberwig mascara that has been avaliable in US for over five years. :) Just wanted to clear this up.
This mascara has been my HG for two years, even though it had some minor faults. To make this easier to read, I thought I would give you my checklist of criterias, and tell you how this fiberwig mascara behaved in each of those areas (sort of like what I did with the BB creams). This time, I'm going to give each criteria 10 points, and tell you how much points each mascara scored in every aspect, and add up the score to give you the total scoring.

1. Smudging: This is by far the most important aspect of all mascaras to me, because before tubing mascaras, all mascaras smudged on me. Before, it was not a matter of whether it smudges, but whether how much or when it smudges. However, fiberwig never smudges on me! Actually, there might be a tiny bit of almost unnoticeable smudging if it's really humid at the end of the day. So I'll give it an 8.5 in terms of smudging. 
2. How long does it last on my lashes: This mascara lasts reasonably long on my lashes, but it's not like it would really stay put until I take it off. I would expect this to last a good 12 hours without much problem, but when it hits the 15 hours mark, it might flake a lot or behave not as well as it did when you first put it on. But then who needs a mascara to stay put for more than 12 hours, right? Well, I did occasionally, on my plane to Korea, wanting to not reapply my mascara on the plane, but I did end up reapplying it every time. :) So a 8 in terms of how long it lasts. 
3. Flaking: This mascara flakes on me somewhat, probably because I apply multiple coats, but nonetheless, it mercilessly flakes on me, sometimes even within an hour of application. I'm not complaining, since flakes are easier to deal with than smudging, but to be fair, this only gets a 3 in terms of flakes on me. It might be better with a primer though. 
4. Color and longevity of the tube: Isn't it weird that I put those criteria together since they are not so much related? But I don't know about you, but I don't care that much about either the color or longevity of the mascaras I buy, which is why I thought I'd give each of those 5 points instead of 10. In terms of color, this gets the perfect 5, since it is jet black on me. In terms of longevity, after daily application, a tube always dries up before 3 months. I think it's all right since you should toss mascara every three months anyway, but this might matter a lot to some. So a 2 in terms of longevity. Together, this mascara gets 7 in this section. 
5. Application: It's hard to judge application since everyone has a different idea of what good application is, but I'll just judge from my perspective. I don't have that much time in the morning, and this mascara takes a good five minutes to apply (if I want perfect length). The brush is gigantic and I sometimes brush onto my lids, so it takes some time to clean up my lid (good thing I don't wear eyeshadow everyday). However, accidental marks on the lids are easy to clean off. You either wait for it to dry and just swab off with a q tip, or do what I do: get some water on a q tip and just swap off. I like to use green tea, which I drink every morning, but just water works just as well. In terms of application, I'd say a 7 since it takes so long. Don't get me wrong though, you can apply this in 1 minute if you just want a little length or a darkening of lashes. 
6. Length: This is where this mascara behaves best, and where I care most about each mascara other than smudging. I don't have tiny lashes, but they are not long either, so I really really care about length. This mascara gives the most length I've ever seen a mascara give if you take the time to apply it. I can actually use this to get my lashes to reach my brow. So a perfect 10.
7. Volume: Most people hate this mascara because it doesn't give any volume, but then it never promised any on the packaging. On a side note though, imju markets a volume mascara just like fiberwig. It's called Lash Knockout, and you can find it on ebay. I find that contrary to popular opinion, this gives me some volume after 3 or 4 coats, but I don't really like the effect since I want natural looking lashes. However, in my experience, it gives as much volume as dior show if you apply it really thickly. The trick is to wait it to dry 60% after the 3rd or 4th coat when you've got enough length, and then brush from the bottom of lashes to the tips. You'll get volume. So a 6.5 in terms of volume. 
8. Removal: If you compare tubing mascaras with regular mascaras, most of them would get a 10 in terms of removal, but since I'm comparing tubing mascaras, I'll make the bar a little higher. The mascara that was easiest to remove (that I've tried) is L'Oreal Beauty Tubes. It really does come off in tubes with lots of warm water (even if your hand never touches your lashes). This mascara needs you to gently touch the mascara before it fully slides off. Not bad, so a 8.5 within the context of all other tubing mascaras. 
9. Clumping: This is one of the biggest issues I have with this mascara. Your lashes may clump after the 3rd or 4th coat, but if you quick, you can brush it out with the applicator. So this is definitely not clump free, but clumps can be prevented some times. If you just apply 1 or 2 coats though, don't worry about the clumps, it's nonexistent. So overall, 7 in terms of clumps. 
10. Sensitivity: This one is pretty good in terms of sensitivity. So stinging and not much discomfort should it flake into my eye. However, I am aware that some people wear contacts, so the flaking might be painful for you. I'll give it a 6 in terms of clumping.

As I add it up, this mascara, which was my HG, gets a total of 71.5 out of 100. It's much worse than I thought, but I place more emphasis on some aspects, such as lenght. Also, keep in mind that this score is in relativity to other tubing mascaras. If you want to compare it to general mascaras, I'd add at least 10 points before comparing it. :)

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