Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mamonde 10 hr brightening base and foundation

i can't believe I've put off reviewing this for so long since it's been my stape for over 7 years. Of course, the 10 hr foundation only came out two years ago, but it was an upgrade version of something else I've used for a long time. But I suppose I should first introduce Mamonde.

Mamonde is a skincare brand from Korea under the line of Amore Pacific. It is quite famous within Korea, with a much larger following than Laneige, but Amore Pacific decided not to market it outside of Korea, except in some Asian countries. Most products from Mamonde are relatively cheap, but of high quality. Most products are around $15 retail, which is about one half the price of most Laneige products. I've heard three years into using those products that this brand was designed for people in their 30s, but I've had no problem with using this product. In fact, I only used products from this brand solely for  7 years, from the age of ten.

When I was ten years old, a relative gave my mother a few bottles of Mamonde skincare. My mother was of the belief that skincare should start early, so she gave two bottles to me. A toner and a moisturizer. I started using them daily. I didn't think much about my skin back then, but I remember that I had nothing to complain about the products.

Later, when I was 12ish, my mother gave me a bottle of makeup base. You must consider it funny that I wore makeup base without foundation at the age of 12, but actually, many Asians do that. You see, makeup base is slightly different from primer in that it is supposed to protect you from the pollution, dirty air, and filter out some of the sun. It might be the equivalent of a nowadays sunblock, but back then, people wore sunblock to filter the sun, and makeup base to filter out the pollution. And that's what I did. I used to put on too much, and look very white since the makeup base is green, but it was a beautiful white color that my classmates envied me for.

Later on, I began using the foundation on days when my family had important events. I don't think I needed foundation back then, but it was a light/sheer coverage foundation, so it didn't really matter. I think the foundation gave my skin a dewy texture that was near perfection, and so I wore it.

I kept buying those two products, makeup base and foundation for many many years, until I was 17 and decided to switch into Laneige, a more expensive brand that was supposed to be for people in their late teens and early twenties. As you all know, I had no regret going into Laneige, but truth be told, I don't know why I switched from Mamonde other than the fact that Mamonde products were supposed to be for older people. I got the same results, but with a higher price tag from Laneige. Hopefully, years later, I will think that the higher price of Laneige helped preserve my skin. :)

Sorry for rambling on. I just loved this brand so much that I had to rave about it. And I thought it might be easier to read if I gave a few keypoints about the products.

Makeup base:
1. lasting 10 hours without powder
2. correcting my skintone whenever I slept too little the night before and makes me look fresh
3. I think it protects my skin from some air pollution
4. The added SPF is very welcome

None...The earlier versions can make you look very white if you over apply, but the current product does not

1. lasting more than 10 hours coupled with the makeup base, without powder or blotting
2. very natural finish that makes it easy for others to believe I've got flawless skin
3. buildable coverage
4. spf

Cons: Might ball up if you over apply

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