Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Missha Watery BB Cream Review

Hi, girls :) I'm going to Korea on the 25th, so as I was making my shopping list, I saw this BB cream lying in my vanity drawer. I was surprised that I had forgotten to share this gem of a BB cream with you! This is a BB cream that is highly controversial. It is either highly loved or hated by some BB creams gurus, I don't recall reading anyone saying it is just a so-so product, hehe. And I'm not going to start. I have a somewhat love and hate relationship with this product that is solved by my Laneige BB cream. Sound mysterious, doesn't it? Well, read on!

Coverage: This has medium coverage. I don't think it's layerable, but partly because of the color of this BB cream is quite dark, and to layer it would be too much for my N20 skin. I'd say the color is N30ish, but if you are lighter, it oxidizes in half an hour.  
Finish: This gives a very natural glow finish, that I think looks perfect anywhere except in pictures. :( In pictures, the glow seems to be magnified so that my camera won't focus on my face, and there is always a white spot on my cheeks when I turn on the flash, so it acts as if my cheeks were a reflective surface. :)
Oil Control: The oil control is pretty good/normal. It's hard to find a word for it because it lasts perfectly until the 8 hour mark, and deteriorate very rapidly after that. I'm not concerned of that because when I tried it, I always remove it at the 8 hour mark, because like some other bloggers said, this is not the best thing for sensitive skin. When I wash this after, my face is always a little red, and if I don't wash it off at the 8 hour mark, my face is much redder..
General comments: This is a very good BB cream, except for the color and sensitivity issues. The coverage and finish are both great. The SPF is mediocre but welcome. It is supposed to be very moisturizing for your skin. I'm not the best judge because I tend to rely on my moisturizer, so I can't tell if this adds moisture to your face. 
Spreadability: This is very spreadable. A little watery like the name says, but not runny at all.
Overall, a great product I would recommend for darker people and people with not so sensitive skin. (Mine isn't that sensitive, but oh well..) So why does Laneige BB cream solve the dilemma for me? Well, I kind of liked the finish and the watery consistency of it, but not the color and the sensitivity issues. I can get the same thing out of the Laneige BB cream, for a lot less risk. 

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