Thursday, September 23, 2010

My skincare regimen

Many of you have asked about my skincare regimen. I am very flattered that you want to know. I cannot say that  my skincare regimen is absolutely perfect or that is absolutely suits me, because I think that I can't accomplish that with commercialized products, no matter how expensive they might be. Regardless, I thought maybe I should share my regimen with you.
First off, it might help knowing what kind of skin I have. I have mostly normal skin with a slightly oily area around the nose. I have rather light skin, and I am happy with the color. Unlike most people nowadays, I want clear translucent skin that's white white white (but not an unnatural kind of white, just my skin color at birth that is not the least bit tanned).
Now on to the regimen. I use mostly Laneige products right now, even though I used Mamonde products for many years before I finally switched to Laneige. Mamonde is like a brand that costs half as much as Laneige, and is more basic. It was pretty ideal for my young skin.

Cleanser: I alternate between a clean and clear BP cleanser, a clean and clear SA cleanser, and Laneige's foaming professional cleanser. I am trying to eliminate the BP cleanser from my regimen because I found it causes hyperpigmentation after each pimple heals on me. I'm trying to slowly decrease the use of that cleanser until i don't need it. I will post how it goes because I know going off BP and SA cleansers are difficult moves, but moves that will benefit some skins in the end.

Toner: Yes, I use toner. I am not sure whether it's necessary, but I like the idea of it balancing my PH value. I use the Laneige white plus renew toner.

Moisturizer: I use the Laneige white plus renew daytime hydrator with SPF 15, although I don't rely on it for SPF.

Treatment: I'm trying to introduce the Laneige White plus renew essence into my regimen, but again, changing just a little of your regimen should be done slowly if you don't want to risk reactions. I found that the essence is a little rich, so it might give me some whiteheads as I start to use it, so I'm using it one to two times a week to slowly introduce it to my skin. I plan to use it daily eventually, at least in the colder months when skin is dryer.

SPF: I use the Laneige SPF 41 PA++ sunblock on most days and SPF 50 PA+++ sunblock when I know I'm going to be outdoors a lot. I touch up with the Laneige powder sunscreen 15 minutes before I go outside. It also controls some oil on my face.

Facial makeup: I made the conscious decision to not use makeup base or foundation even though they give some a glow to my face. I don't use them daily, but whenever there is a special occasion, I go with my trustworthy Laneige dual base and white plus renew foundation. There is one exception to the rule though. Whenever I test BB creams or products for review, I use them exclusively for two weeks or so.

My night time regimen is pretty simple.
Makeup remover: If I'm just wearing sunblock, I don't use a makeup remover. However, when I'm testing BB creams or wore foundation for any special occasions, I remove makeup with Laneige oil free makeup remover. It is similar to a cleansing oil but thicker in consistency, and I feel safer because it's oil free. I'll review this soon if you are interested.
Cleanser: I made the transition half a year ago into using Laneige Multi Cleanser. It makes my face squeeky clean, which can be drying at times, but I immediately follow with toner and moisturizer. Just in case you were wondering, I was using the clean and clear BP wash and SA wash before I made the transition.
Toner: I use a toner that I make myself, and I am 100% satisfied with it. I think one day, I might make my own skincare for myself (and not for commercial use) so that I can know all the ingredients that goes into it, and enjoys the peace of mind.
Moisturizer: I used to use no moisturizer at night because I thought I don't need it, but I found doing cleanser, toner and moisturizer in the morning and at night is better for my skin. I use the Laneige White plus renew night cream. I love it, and I'm about to pick up more this time in Korea.

Weekly treatments: When I finally get off BP completely, I will use Laneige's strawberry yogurt peel, but right now, my skin doesn't need any more exfoliation. I will follow up with some homemade strawberry yogurt.

Oh and I just realized that I haven't actually reviewed my beloved skincare items yet, but don't worry, I will very soon.


  1. Hi,

    I loveee laneige even since I bought the white plus renew line when i was in singapore, which is finished now.

    I just wanted to ask you, have you ever tried Laneige pore trouble line?
    I have been thinking of getting their whole line online for some time now but am still unsure if i should get that or just get the white renew plus line for example.

    I have white skin but redness on my chin cause i get pimples and whiteheads there occasionally. I am pretty bothered by my pore,specially on my nose and t zone..which is why i thought about it first. but their line include

    -deep cleansing foam
    -minimizing pack(which is like a mask i think)
    -pore trouble emulsion
    -pore clearing essense
    -pore tightening essense
    -pore trouble refiner


    I seriously on the verge of clicking checkout :P

    just wanted to know your opinion


  2. HI Valerie,
    I am so sorry for the late reply. I have briefly tried Laneige's pore trouble line, and I think that for a relatively gentle product (gentle, compared with most of the acne-preventing products we find in the U.S. containing benzoyl peroxide), it worked rather effectively. I think it has a lot of acid in it, which helps acne, but might not be good if you have sensitive skin. :)


  3. thxx cathy.. i've been trying it for a couple of weeks now.. it hasn't changed much. although i love the smell of laneige..
    my skin has become kind of flaky after using it.. so i don't know.. haha
    I might swap for the hydro line


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