Monday, September 20, 2010

Tubing Mascara, and the start of my quest for the perfect tubing mascara

I am sure most of my frequent readers would know that I LOVE tubing mascara and eyeliners. Ever since I  came of age, I tried to find a mascara that would give me those long beautiful lashes, only to find that most mascaras smudge mercilessly on me, even the most smudge proof ones. After several years, I gave up, until L'Oreal marketed its new product called L'Oreal Beauty Tubes. There was a promotion going on, so I thought why not? I got a tube, and I was hooked. The mascara stayed there with no smudges until I removed it, and it comes off in tubes with warm water, relieving my worries that it would irritate my lashes or cause fall offs.
I was very pleased for one year, but then thought, there must be better ones out there. This is when I came across fiberwig, a mascara that gives more length than L'Oreal Beauty Tubes. This eventually became my HG item, but I am still looking for a mascara that might give me more. Therefore, I am going on a quest to try mostly every tubing mascara out there, review them every week, and find one that fits me perfectly. I hope that by sharing my quest with you, you can find one that you love as well. But perhaps, I am getting ahead of myself, and should first explain what is tubing mascara.

What is tubing mascara?

Tubing mascara is a kind of mascara that slide off with warm water in tubes. It is generally smudge free, and water resistant (given that the water is cold). This new kind of mascara prevents you from having to use eye makeup removers and a few minutes of rubbing to take off mascaras. The application method is generally different from regular mascaras. You cannot wait for the coats to dry before adding more coats, or you increase the chance of clumping (versus you have to wait for each coat to dry before adding more to prevent clumping for regular mascaras)

What are some tubing mascaras?

I am trying to create a full list, but so far, I have:
1. fiberwig Original
2. blinc kiss me mascara
3. L'Oreal beauty tubes
4. Clinique High impact curling
5. Clinique Lash Power
5. TF Lash Injection
6. Cargo Texas Lash
7. Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined
8. Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara
9. Fiberwig XL

In the next few weeks, I will try to review each and every one of them, in order to help myself and you to find the perfect tubing mascara. Let me know if I should include some tubing mascaras available only in Japan and Korea (and ebay) as well.


  1. I think you're my mascara soul mate! I've been on the search for the *perfect* tubing mascara. I really appreciate your reviews! I noticed that MAC Opulash isn't on your list - you should try that one! :-)

  2. Some more popular tubing mascaras are Dolly Wink (they have one for length and another for volume), Canmake Gokubuto, and FairyDrops (the film version). Dolly Wink is supposed to be the most similar to Fiberwig, perhaps a little more volume....


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