Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mamonde Pure White Skin Softener and Emulsion

First of all, sorry for the hand there on the photo. The bottles are round, so it was absolutely necessary to hold them while taking the photo. That being said, this has been my staple for 7 years, together with the base and foundation I reviewed earlier today.
I started using the earlier versions of this product when I was ten, and I used them for 7 years. I had no complaints for them whatsoever.
Both products come with a rather heavy jasmine scent that I like. However, if you don't like the scents, it disappears within a few minutes, so it shouldn't bother you. I use the softener first, after cleanser, and then the emulsion. I didn't like to put the toner on a cotton pad because my mother thought it was a waste of product, and besides, on the website, it instructs you to put it on your hands, and then pat it into your face with your hands. It worked excellently this way for me, although I am sure it works just as well with a cotton pad, having tried it a few times myself. The toner absorbs into my skin in a flash, and then I pat in the emulsion. The emulsion was probably the fastest absorbing one I've ever used. It absorbs by the time when I finish brushing my hair, which is less than a minute. This is probably what I loved most about this product. It absorbs quickly, leaving no residue behind, with only a very moisturized and refreshed feeling on my face.
Being a teenager, what I found most valuable about this product is that it is very trustworthy. I dealt with some pimples when using this product, but it was very relieving to know that this product would never ever give me pimples.


  1. Hello. My mom gave me a set of mamonde products. However i don't know how to use it. It is composed of three bottles. the skin softener, emulsion and the watery serum. What should I use first? And how to use it? I mean, just apply the 3 of them? Or you need to rinse it? I look forward to your response. Good day :)

  2. Does it makes your face brighter?

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