Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream Review

I've probably promised you this review for a month, and I am finally going to do it. This has the honor of being the most popular BB cream in the U.S., but not in Korea, because I hear the coverage is a little too heavy for that, but regardless, this is a good BB cream. To be honest, I first picked this up for a girl who asked me to CP it for her from Korea, and didn't think of getting it for myself despite its popularity because its coverage is supposed to be very heavy. Well, the girl who asked me to CP it didn't have money to pay me for 7 months and I thought I'd use it myself instead. I have been using this for 2 months now (not exclusively, even though I did use it exclusively in the name of research for 2 weeks).

Coverage: Very good coverage. A sheer layer gives you light medium, while a regular layer gives you a little more than medium coverage. The coverage is very buildable too, making it capable of acting as a full coverage BB cream if you layer it up. However, I've found that it doesn't last as long with many layers. This is most full coverage BB cream I've ever tried, and I've heard that some Koreans buy this as a concealer to use with other Missha BB creams. 
Finish: This gives a semi-matte glow finish. It's hard to describe. It's not as natural as your bare skin, but I think it tries to mimic it. I found that if you pat it in, it's a semi-matte finish, and if you rub it in (which I don't like to do), it gives you more glow. Weird isn't it? 
Oil Control: Oil control is pretty so-so. It lasts about 8 hours without powder and blotting. However, my readers tell me foundations and BB creams tend to last longer on me by about 2 hours or so, so it might last not quite as well on you. I can see shine on my nose by midday, and the corners of my nose are quite oily by the end of 8 hours. For this reason, I was really glad when the two weeks were up and I could stop using it. 
General comments: This is one of the BB creams that I don't like very much, but can't find a good reason to hate. I don't like it for its coverage and lack of oil control, and the weird, less than perfect finish. Yet, I imagine those very same qualities may make this a HG for someone else, as it had for my cousin. What I like is the SPF, which is 42 PA++. However, I find that I only use a small amount of this as I don't need that much coverage, so the SPF wouldn't protect me well enough. As for healing abilities, it improves some red marks, but not as dramatically as some other BB creams I've used. I've heard that this is more acne prone for some people than most other BB creams though. 
Spreadability: The spreadability is excellent. It doesn't create any drag on my skin, so that's good. :) 

Who I recommend this for: Someone who wants an almost natural finish with heavy coverage, and someone not very acne prone (although with BB creams, you really have to try it to know if it causes acne for you). 

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